Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And The Holiday Ends!

It's being a little too late, but I'd like to wish Happy Aidiladha to readers out there. Have a meaningful Aidiladha this year. No, I did not went to my hometown (YAY!) because my granny's not there, but in my aunt's home in Shah Alam. So we just did a little visit, and that's it! Haha... I wish all holidays are like this.

Still a little too late, but anyway, happy 2007 world! The most exciting part for every new year for me is the recap shows on tv, highlighting all major events in the country for the past year. TV3 did a good job again with Catatan 2006 (why they change from the famous "Jendela" is wondering me though), while NTV7 sucked with Retrospective 2006. Suck Suck Suck! It's a pity for Naz who always get horrible co presenters (Anugerah Skrin deja-vu), I think he'll be better conducting solo. But there's no live coverage of fireworks display like previous years, and I couldn't see nothing at KLCC or Dataran Merdeka from my house. Hmm... was One Utama the only countdown venue this year?

Last night at 1 or 2am sumthing I catched $25 Million Lottery Hoax on 8TV. Apparently it's the final episode of the 3 part reality TV. And I never watched the first 2. I'm too tired to draw the synopsis here. But one confession to make: I didn't remember the last time in my life that I cried so hard as during watching the finale. It's about the importance of family versus money and VERY SERIOUSLY touching, I bet EVERY person (who understand English) will cry like hell watching this. I wish I could download this or get the DVD and show it to every people I know.

Yes, today is the LAST DAY of the holiday season! Waaaa.... on one side, Yeayyy.... on the other side. Waaaa.... because this is by far the most laziest holiday ever. And I've become a huge follower on Alya, Siska, Rika, Ferdi, Andre, Yasmin and Juliana, Marcos, Maritza, Barbara, Gabriel, Regina, Javier. (And tonight, I'm starting to love Dunia Baru as well) Waaaa I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue following through the ever complicated storylines of these sinetron and telenovela. Like, when will Rika appear again? When will Andre married to Alya? When will Siska got killed in a car accident? (Oops, spoiler. hehe) Or will Marcos get to see Barbara in mirror? Will Regina be killed by Barbara? (I hope not), Will Barbara return to her hideous form? (I hope yes), and when will this freakin' story end when Marcos married to Juliana? (c'mon, we knew it from the start). (Or will Suzana's dad fall in love with Opie's mom? haha that would be interesting)

p/s: Say what u want, but watching this haven't made me stupid enough to believe in fairies (Although sometimes the plot makes you feel like throwing the remote on the screen, at the end it's just entertainment, haha)

I'll be missing u!!!

Holiday Highlights

  • Bermalas-malasan di rumah.
  • Yasmin rupa-rupanya masih hidup!!! Brengsek!
  • Impian Ilyana ended sweetly.
  • Watched 'The Host'
  • 1-Day-And-Only Sponsorship Hunt
  • My sister got 8A's in PMR. Bravo bravo.
  • Hmm... nothing else.
What's in Store for Next Semester
  • Dear En Mazlan been discontinued as our studio coordinator, replaced by Pn Aziah. But we're going for an appeal. Let's see where this is going.
  • Bandung!!!
  • Praktikal!!!
Coming to TV3 2007
Have you seen the promo yet? Wow, looks like a very promising year to come!
  • Fara. Hey I didn't know Farah Fauzana has a talkshow in made!! Yet she's very talented. This is going to be very anticipated.
  • Gedik sumthing (I forgot the actual title). This looks cheap. Anyway, we'll wait and see.
  • Susuk. Hey, this is supposedly a movie!! How come suddenly in TV? official website
  • Ratapan Anak Tiri. I see this is going to be another major phenomenon!
  • Sensasi. I've seen it last week. Trying to be verryyy controversial, but I hate Intan Suraya.
  • Anak Pontianak. A Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam spin-off?
  • Natasya 2. Duh, I haven't watched the original Natasya. Fans of the series should rejoice!
  • Misi XX-Ray. Hate hate hate. Well, why don't put Putri and Dunia Anita as well? We know it's coming every year.
  • Heroes. Haha, Sarah promised to give me the first 10 episodes this sem.
  • Kyle XY. Sansit offer this to me last year. Maybe I'll ask from him.
But the most anticipated local series will always be the second season of Gol & Gincu: The Series!!!!

Oops, 3.38am already. Esok kena bangun awal!!! Thank God I've packed everything.


fara-D said...

huh!~baru abes packing neh!!~ rasa mcm ada mende lagik....oh yes! now i remember wat... i forgot to include my "soul" !!~

haihh!!~ selalu excited to go back to studio but sumhow today rasa takmo balik!!T_T

aiyeza said...

huhuhu..adian nih kaki tgk drama gak rupenye..igt tak layan cite melayu..
byk gile cite baru,mesti takde mase nak tgk,yeah, gol&gincu series 2nd akan datang, best2..
selamat pulang ke studio penuh kaler2 kehidupan..rase cam korang nih amek course perfileman lak,banyak beno kes..

Nashrex said...

slamat pulang!

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