Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Semester, New Surprises

Bandung? Naaah...

Goodbye Alya and Siska! The new semester officially kicked off last Wednesday. We gathered in the studio from 9am amidst the excitement, hoping for a briefing session, as usual. The En. Mazlan entered the room, and told us that the briefing will only be on tomorrow. And expectedly, confirming us about the news everybody knew. Yes, sad indeed, but we’ll try to move on. Wait for us next sem!!! En. Isma will step in as one of our new design lecturers. And later that afternoon, words slipped out from Pn. Akmal during her class:

“I dengar you all pergi Singapore semester ni.”
that she heard some rumours that we’ll not be going to Bandung for this semester trip. Shocked, we could only hope that it’s not true.

As promised, En Irfan came to the studio the next morning, giving out the course outlines. But first, comes the news… it’s now CONFIRMED that there’ll be NO Bandung this sem. It’s been postponed to the next semester, to allow for more time to prepare, and sponsorship hunt, promising us a better trip. Hopefully. So instead, we’ll be going for a 4-day JB and Singapore trip. Waaa… So, back to the outlines, our theme this semester is… HOLISTIC THERAPEUTIC, focusing on the alternative healing / treatment. After shortlisting 9 types of treatment, we were divided into our respective groups. Me, together with Shafiz, Ainul, Ai and Anuar were in reflexology group. Other groups included yoga, aromatheraphy, ayurveda, bekam, supernatural, and so on. And the first task? Jeng jeng jeng… design a furniture for the respective treatment.

So, we flocked the Tun Sri Lanang library that afternoon, researching. While Ainul, Ai and Anuar went searching foor books, me and Shafiz went online researching. Dah online kan, cek la email skali. On top of my inbox, I saw an email from Symantec. Dup dup… is it what I’m thinking it is?

On behalf of Symantec, we would like to congratulate you as we have picked your name as the winner for Symantec "Let your guard down" promotion.

You have won an iPod nano.
OMG OMG OMG. I stared in disbelief. The email then went on asking me to send contact details to send the redemption letter. Yes, I remember joining an easy contest in Symantec’s website, in which an iPod nano were given each week for six weeks. But I never thought of winning one. Alhamdulillah. Yes, new semester’s always full of surprises.

Gi Library Konon…

Last Saturday, after the Khidmat Masyarakat class ended at 10am, Farah’s group planned to visit LimKokWing library to do the research for the furniture design project. So, Ainul, Shafiz and I menggatalla nak ikut. At first we went to Tun Sri Lanang library to get the permission letter, unfortunately being the first Saturday of the month, the library’s closed. Nevertheless, we still went to LimKokWing, and it’s my first time.

Yes, it’s beautiful and huge. And I love the open concept of the vast main arena, which allows ventilation yet shaded from excess sun and rain. But the famous super huge mural on the outside looked worn out. I think they should replace it soon. So, back to our library visit, unfortunately we couldn’t enter the library without the permission letter, moreover the new semester still hasn’t begin, so the whole campus complex is basically closed to public and students alike. Aaaa… BUT! We won’t make this trip useless. So, from our genius brainchilds… came the idea of… IKEA!

Almost an hour later, we arrived at IKEA in Damansara Utama. It’s just my second time there, the first time was some 3-4 years ago, when there’s no Ikano Power Centre, The Curve, the hotel, and so on. As usual, IKEA was a visual feast. Hopefully one day I will get to decorate my home like the showrooms. I spent RM30 buying a laundry stand place (or bag or whatever it’s called) and a cushion.

And we went for Zohor at the next door Ikano. I thought we’ll be heading back to UKM when suddenly Faeez recommended to go to Mont Kiara’s flee market. So, 20 minutes later we arrived there, but the flee market’s actually on Sunday. Waaa… takpe, takpe, lain kali bole g lagi. Hahaha but we still pusing2 there, before finally went back to UKM.


fara-D said...

wah? masa bila ko curik time update neh?? ahaha
furniture design totally meng-emo kan aku (buat kesekian kali nya...)

the trip to jb and s'pore was fun tho!! (even the trip to s'pore made me and shida and ya felt like a walking-oenguin!! nyah nyah!!)

ChikaDior said...

trip kali ni.... ok jugak. tp.... tp apa ek?

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