Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Much Delayed Update

It's Holidayyy again! We got a week off, thanks to Chinese New Year (btw, Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Chinese readers, and also my Chinese studiomates, may this year of pig bring you more luck and prosper). Now, let's get to the updates!!!

Holiday Yang Menggelisahkan
Yes. A week holiday. But also lots of assignments! OK, not that much, it's only two. But two 10-pages-minimum reports! Aaaaa... For Building Services class, we have active/passive fire prevention report (but we only gonna submit it on thursday next week, I hope), but for Material & Building Tech, we have to make a report about structure, construction and all that stuff for our chosen building, and I've chosen National Science Center in Mont Kiara, and while everybody's started to do the report, I haven't even went to the building YET. So, I'm planning to go tomorrow (Thursday), so wish me luck k! And for our favourite subject, Design, we're expected to come up with the floor plan after the break, while I just had the slightest concept. I'm screwed! Somebody help me!


Community Service
Around last month (20th January), our community service class (consists of some 200 people, including 30+ from the architecture students) were short notice-ly called together to lend our hand for a community service, in helping those people affected by the major flood in Johor recently. And our lucky village? Kampung Kundang Ulu, located somewhere near Pagoh. We gathered at Pusanika at 7pm, went off at 8 and arrived around 11am. It is soo heartwrenching to see the people who were just back from the relief center and found their houses completely in mess. And because the village is literally by the river, the got knocked out pretty bad. When we arrived, most of them were seen cleaning their houses, and dried the things outside. And being a geek, the sight I really couldn't stand is looking at those damaged PC they put outside their homes, just sad... after all, computer might still regarded as a luxury items in areas like this. isk. Back to the story, we were divided into groups of 5, with every group got an assigned house to help. Mine is with Ya, Anuar, San Sit and Faeez. We ended after Zohor, and the archies attract a huge attention (maybe), because 1. We dress with the same Archinature shirt 2. We are a bunch of crazy, talking out loud people 3. We rocks! (OK I made up the last one, but seriously it feels nice to tell them who we are. Aum! Oops...)

His Majesty, Prince iPod Arrived
As I've stated in the previous entry, I was notified about my iPod Nano win on my first second day back to UKM. And I kept waiting and waiting and waiting, until a day before our JB+Singapore trip when I got an email from them again, asking me to claim my prize at Symantec headquarters, which surprise surprise, located at the exact location where me, Farah and Shafiz went searching for sponsors the other day (Damansara Uptown). So, I went to claim it on the same day the trip started (because we'll only departed by midnight), and since than, this little gadget worked like a charm. I'm sooo hooked.

10 Reason why this iPod rocks
1. THE BATTERY LIFETIME. 24 Hours! And chargable through USB cable when plugged into computer.
2. It is super small. No more "Ingatkan boleh letak kaset" remarks I always got when carrying my Creative Zen.
3. Super small = super light. Feels like carrying nothing in your pocket.
4. I never knew it can be used as a thumb drive! A 4Gig thumb drive!
5. The super sleek and sexy exterior with silver finishes just took my heart away.
6. The default earphone that comes with it sounds awesome.
7. It display album arts. Finally my hardwork to find all the album arts in iTunes paid off.
8. The scroll wheel is so addicted to play with, with it's click-clack tick.
9. Talking bout play, it also got games. My favourite is when it plays a music clip and you have to guess the song's title.
10. It's FREE baby!

But something I'm missing from my Creative Zen is the function to enable it automatically turn off after some time, which is helpful when you're listening it before sleeping.

The JB + Singapore Trip
Before any further, no no no, I'm sorry but I'm not going to do another picture diary, though my group is in charge for the diary, so I could just copy and paste it in here If I want to. But I'm just done with super super long post with hundreds of pictures. Just want to keep it as short and informative as I could.

So here's the summary:
1st day : We departed from UKM at 12am and arrived at JB 6 hours later, met a crazy woman at the state mosque's parking lot, arrived at the hotel at 7, and during the day, we went to 2 spas in Johor. Mandara Spa in Sofitel Palm Resort, Skudai and Roman Spa in The Zon, Stulang, JB. Because the visit was running earlier than schedule, we spent the rest of day shopping!
2nd day : Singapore! Because we travel there completely by the MRT system and walking, by t he night, our feet are crying begging us to stop. Yes, without a doubt, Singapore's clean and beautiful, but nothing beats home. No pipe at the toilet, no mamak stalls, even not a single cat around. Sometimes it feels surreally Stepford. And yeah, before I forgot, I got stucked in a lift with Shafiz, Anuar and Nisa for half an hour at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road.
3rd day : morning, we went to Danga Bay for our site analysis, which for the third time, at the waterfront (Ok, the Lumut site was not really sea-fronting, but still nearby). And later, we went to Johor International Convention Centre (which derived it's shape from a hat. yeah)
4th day : the last day of our trip. But first, we went to UTM's architecture department to have a meet-and-greet session with them, besides seeing their produced works. And I finally met my cousin there! Arrived at UKM at 6pm.

The best thing of this whole trip is... our hotel! OK, it's not about the hotel (though it's pretty good), but the damn strategic location of it. I mean, what's not to scream if the building next to you is City Square and all the ground floor shops are flooded with pirated DVD! To hell with enforcement, this is better than Sungei Wang!

Our group (reflexology) are excited to present you our first (and only) group project of the semester, I.rflx (read as I reflex), a rocking chair designed specifically for reflexology use. All the groups presented their respective furnitures on Monday after we come back from the trip (itupun actually postponed, initially it was set to be presented before the trip, but thanks to the community service yang kononnya menghabiskan one precious day of work [which is true, anyway], the lecturers were kind enough to postpone it). You know, this project is really challenging in many ways, from the brain storming, the material choice, the workshop where we order the steel, to when our own member made a shocking decision without our consent, that if we were recorded for a reality program, we'll knock down Explorace. haha...

Five steps (out of hundred) how to make your own I.rflx

1. Finalize your ideas

2. Get someone kind enough like Pakcik Jefri to help you cut the the curve shaped plywood

3. Get a good tukang besi enough to shape the steel into your desired design

4. Get Ainul to paint it (just kidding)

5. Get Anuar to sew the cushion and voila!

I Wish Him Dead, Dead!
People say, you'll never like someone if u don't know that someone. But, they forget, you'll might hate someone once you know that someone! (Maybe too much someone) I'm tired now. I wish this is over, but not with happy ending! The only happy ending is if he got hit by bus or something. But at least I'm not pretending to be somebody else in front of him while bitching behind him, I'm playing bitch front and back! (Man, that sounds innuendo)

Current Addiction

Music: High School Musical soundtrack. OMG I know I'm like the last people to watch this, but that doesn't stop me from loving this movie and the soundtrack! It's sooo addictive. Thanks to Aisyah for the DVD, now I need to buy this for myself!

Series: I'm now officially hooked by Heroes and Kyle XY. This new genre of drama with lots of questions and mysteries are getting huge nowadays, after Lost started the trend. Every viewers to solve.

Betty Wins!

Congratulations to Ugly Betty for it's win as Best Comedy Series at the Golden Globes! I know I was not the only one to love it! And America Ferrera scored both Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Best Actress awards! I'm soo proud! Now, let's aim for the Emmy!


fara d said...

did i pretend to be sumone else "in front"? err... did i? behind, yes i might be bitching...but in front, adakah? kalo ya....way to go bebeh!!har har....


btw, the trip...the community service... was indeed FUN!! furniture thing...har har har...u figure out!

lila said...

ini skali harung punye update kee

Adian said...

[fara] haha...

[lila] skali skale update, kenela panjang. hehe

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