Saturday, March 17, 2007

(Try) Reaching for the Stars

Submission for our therapeutic health center is on 22nd (next Thursday), and I'm still working on my floor plans! Aaaaa what a tense moment. But I think once I'm done with the plans, everything will be so much better and faster because I have a pretty simple elevation (mine was always simple through the years). Now let's hope to have as much time as I could to create the presentation boards (which is my fav part).

Industrial Training / Latihan Industri

I applied online for 6 firms, and while others have up to 5 of "berjaya" status, mines are still the same after like a month (belum diproses/sedang diproses). Did they forgot to process my application or what? Better be "tidak berjaya" than a month of "belum diproses/sedang diproses". Hmm... I just applied for another 2 (maximum 10), let's wait and see.

The End of Golden Triangle DVD Center

It's official. The Sungei Wang-Low Yat-Imbi Plaza "dvd heaven" no more (and by DVD I think you know which type of dvd I mean). I went there for a couple of times, and at first I thought I came at the wrong time (read as authority's raid time). But after a couple more and checking online forums, I'm starting to accept the reality. But of course this kind of thing always have substitute. As far as I could tell, now it's Digital Mall in PJ, which Farah brought me and Mek, Shafiz and Mek Ti when sending her notebook for a memory upgrade. But it's a bit too far from my home and completely inaccessible via STAR/Putra/Commuter. Do you know any other places that sell good DVDs?


afie911 said...

I do! Dekat pasar malam near my place. Hehhe. ;D

ChikaDior said...

aku kena interview LI next week.
pastu check email, ada plak company mintak aku emailkan kerja2 aku. Toinkkk....

Adian said...

waaa bestnye. hmmm resume aku tercicir agaknye kot.


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