Friday, May 18, 2007

My Life as an Intern: The Rest of Week 1

10 DAYS OF NO INTERNET! I'm surprised I'm still at home and not at some mental hospital. Seriously, it's been affecting my mood as well! Damn Streamyx! Damn you! My nights were sooo lonely without you. Thankfully 8TV has some great show at night to keep me occupied. Luckily I wrote all of these when I was offline. So, here it is, the rest of Week 1.

Day 2

Okay, so Day 2 was an exciting day indeed, where I actually did some job. I arrived, turned the PC on, and waiting for a work. Then I met Nasrul or Abang Nas, the architect whose absent yesterday. He’s about to give me a task, when Mr. Bakhtiar asked me to follow him to a project site. Haha, I got to got to the site today! Bringing along measuring tape and some A3s, I follow him in his car with another worker, Abang Kalam. The site is a bungalow in Bukit Antarabangsa. There, we met the owner, which is a longtime friend of Mr. Bakhtiar, who would like to renovate the bungalow he’s just bought. After taking a look around the bungalow, we headed down to a coffee shop for a breakfast (although I already had mine at home).

On our way back to the office,

Mr. Bakh : Adian, kamu dah belajar measured drawing?

Me: Sem depan baru buat

Mr. Bakh: Takpe, kamu bolehla start buat sekarang.

Me: (gulp).

So I am scheduled to be working on the site to do a measured drawing on the bungalow (as the original plan is missing) to mark all the posts, columns, the house grid, etc.

My workplace! Bersepah sket time ni (bajet bz sgt la)

After we’re back, I asked Abang Man about the company’s CV that Mr Bakhtiar asked me to update the previous day. He asked me to put it on hold for a moment, and instead ask me to amend the AutoCAD drawing for the housing development area for ATM (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia) in Gemas. Not a very big one, just some changes for the spaces of the bedroom, toilet, store, etc. After lunch (which I had with my fellow officemates for the first time and they’re really damn funny, btw the food at the stall is way better than what I ate yesterday) I finished the amendments and (again) asked about the company’s CV work. And this time he gave me a page to work for.

After I finished it, the last task of the day was from Abang Nas, who just returned from a site (Angkasa Raya, KL) and asked me to put together the photos he’s taken into panoramic mode. Haha, thanks for my “secret weapon”, the Pixtra Panorama Maker from my notebook, I was able to finish it in a pretty short time. I still have to do some touchups on the finished picture, but it’s 6pm and I have to go home to watch “Manjalara”, my newest TV addiction.

Day 3

When I arrived at the office, Kak Mas gave me the first task, which was, to open the roller shutter! Damn, it’s pretty much stuck at the middle. Thank God Abang Man was there and show me the right way. Haha.

Then, I finished the touchups on the panoramic picture and gave it to Abang Naz, which was ready with my next task! Aaaa… Mr. Bakhtiar asked me to help him with the 3d Sketchup model of the proposed new roof for the Sepang International Circuit (on top of the pit stop building). Then Abang Kalam came, ready to take me to the bungalow site I was “assigned” for measured drawing yesterday. Damn! Which one to do first! So I went to Mr. Bakhtiar and asked him, and he asked me to go for the Sepang one, because it should be ready by tomorrow morning. So the bungalow have to wait until this is finished.

It might look pretty simple, which is what I firstly thought, but DAMN!!! The construction jointings is a pain to make, and I have to do every single thing from scratch. Lots of degrees, heights and amendmends, and everything must be within the scale (which I usually “just follow to proportion” during my projects) and I did not go out for lunch today.

5.30pm, everybody was asked to go the meeting room. It turned out to be Abang Hilmi’s last day here after 3 years, and we had a little farewell event, with 2 buckets of KFC. 6 o’ clock, and I still working on the roof. I finished the basic structure at 6.30pm and got back home.

Day 4

I thought I could finished all the structures at home, but I overslept until 5am! So I managed to put the archs by 7am at home and bring it to the office. We should finish it before noon. Then, we (me, helped by Abg Naz) started working on the final piece and tensile fabrics, which is another half of the painstaking process. Thanks to the tensile plugin by En. Irfan (my dear lecturer, in case you forgot) during SketchUp class, we managed to get it done just in time for lunch. After lunch (which we just learnt that the deadline was moved to next morning, duh),when we started copying the piece (it has a multiplicating shape), the developer came and see the SketchUp model.

Developer: Bumbung hujung ni is not supposed to be shaped like this. It should be more sharper and less curvy.

Me and Abg Naz: (grrrr….)

Developer: So, you should take another look at it, OK. (which means: Redo!)

Aaaa…. we were just a step away from the finish line, and this man came and ask to change the damn thing! Ok ok, you’re the big boss, whatever! We re-edited the “problematic” portion, get the tensile redone, and voila! We finally finished at 5.30pm. Phew. I spent the remaining 30 minutes chatting with Abg Man and Abg Naz, while Abg Man do the photoshop rendering work the roof project. And I just know today, that one of the worker I met before, Farah, is actually a practical student too. No wonder she looked relatively younger compared to the other workers.

6pm. Ciao! I kinda liked this office more and more over the days.

Day 5

It’s Friday! Which means the last day of the first week! I arrived at the office, and Abg Naz gave me my new task. He’s handling an eco tourism resort project at Hulu Langat, and apparently the client wanted to see designs for the main gateway arch (pintu gerbang). And there it is, my first “design” work. So, Abg Naz gave me the task, and the deadline, 11am. Aaa.. so I brainstorm for a moment, and start sketching. He wanted several options, so I have to do several designs. But my problem is, when I got a design running in my mind, I can't get other options for another new design, so my other designs will be a slightly modified versions of the original. Hehe. And anyone who knows me must know that I like to go for the sleek, expensive looking design ("looking" ok, not necessarily expensive). And anyone who knows a developer must know that cost-cutting is everything for them. So I don’t expect them to accept my proposals. At least I try!

One of the proposals

I brought my music videos DVDs collection, as promised to Abg Man. Haha, my first “secret weapon” worked! He totally loved the videos. At noon, we (5 of us) went to the mosque with Abg Man’s car. Then my gateway proposals were finally faxed at 4pm, which after that I try to buy some time until 6pm. Haha! And what’s best, EVERY Saturday is non-working day, so that means end of Week 1!

And, by the way, I couldn't go on with the bungalow measured drawing anymore because I'm so busy with other tasks. Hahaha xyah risau nak g site.


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