Monday, June 04, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 2

(Thx for your suggestion Farah, tp rase xberbaloi 3 minggu jadi 1 entry. Nanti nmpk cam sket sgt.)

To everybody, so sorry for nearly 3 weeks of absence. Huih! tu la hasilnya keje suka bertangguh-tangguh ni. Furthermore, it's the end of TV season for 2006-07, so biasela got busy downloading and catching up with my favourite 4 series' season finales. Desperate Housewives ended with two weddings and a death (isk... isk... xsabar tgk reaksi A'ai nanti), Lost ended with a BANG!!! OMG the BEST finale EVER!!! Ugly Betty ended with LOTS of cliffhangers, and unfortunately Heroes finale didn't live up to my expectation. Boo...

Now I'm busy downloading the first season of Kyle XY (because the version we watched before at the studio got low quality picture), so let's recap my 2nd week as an intern.

Day 1

It’s Week number 2. At 10am, Abg. Man went inside the meeting room. Abg Naz hadn’t came yet, so I waited for one of them to get new work. Then Abg Naz came, and rushed to the meeting room. “Tak pergi meeting ke?” “Ha? Meeting?”. I took a peek and DAMN! It’s the bi-weekly meeting! And I didn’t present! Even Farah was in it. Why didn’t Abg Man told me! Everybody’s there (except for Kak Mas, which was the only reason I didn’t notice anything “unusual” that morning because she’s still in the office). But of course it will be awkward to just stroll in, significantly late. After all, the room’s already full without any empty chair. After the meeting ends, Abg Naz asked me why I didn’t came in, and I explained it. He told me there’s even a mention in the meeting, asking what kind of task should I be given! In the meeting!

I was waiting for Abg Man to give me a job when En Zakhir (another senior acrhitect and partner with Mr. Bakhtiar, which I had to say, have a compleeete resemblance with En Mastor back in UKM), walked by and ask me if I’m free (which means = JOB COMING!!! aaa) I followed him back to his room and he briefed me a lil bit about the task.

The task: One of our big project now, the new Majlis Perbandaran Sepang building is in construction. He will go for a meeting with the client to discuss about the paint colour possibilities. So, I was required to do a Photoshop rendering of the façade and rear elevation with TWO colour options. He gave me a color fan (you know, the thick piece of slidable papers painted with every hue of colour you can possibly imagine with the paint code), show me the colours and which part of the building need this and that. Seems easy right?


Actual thing. Under construction.

So, the first thing I need to do is to get the original autoCAD file, and do the EPS to PSD conversion thingy. The AutoCAD drawing is a submission drawing, so you can imagine how extreemely complex and complicated one this is, with lots of arrows, captions, lines and so on, which is not necessary in rendering. So I took A DAMN WHOLE DAY editing the drawing and determining the required and unrequired lines to delete, join, so on and so forth. And lastly, I managed to finish it in time before 6pm. And I save it into PSD file, with an A3 size, because he required so. Phew! Today is so tiring.

Day 2

After a long day of editing the drawing, finally I started rendering the building. It’s not that hard, as I loved Photoshop. I scanned the required colour and use it on the required part. Each option consisted of 3 colours – a light, medium and darker shades of grey. Option I uses lighter hue of grey, while option II with a more red-purple-brownish tone of grey. I told you, every imaginable colour possible. And again, I spent A WHOLE DAY rendering those options, added with greenish tainted glass, ground and sky colour.

I finished it sometime after lunch, with relief, and took the A3s to En. Zakhir. He looked it rather suspiciously, and started looking back at the color fan and comparing them side by side. Damn! Of course they won’t match! For god’s sake, the color fan itself use the actual paint and not printer ink. It’s impossible to achieve the very same color! After I explained it, he said “fix it”. Grrr… And if that’s not enough, he now wanted it in A2, and wanted some part of the building to be erased. And he just told this NOW for God’s sake!? I mean, now I have to start from scratch again from AutoCAD. Crap!

Grrrr…. Back to my place, I started showing that “uncomfortable” face. Abang Man noticed it, and told me that En Zakhir’s is that type of perfectionist. I started scan it over and over again, adjusting the brightness, hue, saturations, colour balance and print it over and over again, each to no avail. I think I wasted like half a dozen of A4s and lots of ink already. The colour’s still not match. Damn! Then Abg Wan came, and suggest a little tips. He told me to collect the adjusted colours all in a single A4, and do the “mix and match” with the nearest colour possible. I did it, and instead of choosing it myself, this time I ask En Zakhir to choose them himself, so that later I won’t get the blame if the result looks funny. Oh yes, he had difficulties to choose it, but at least my time is saved. Because if it’s not, I have to write in the report that I spent the WHOLE DAY adjusting the freaking colour. A seemingly easy job, tp tuhan je tau betapa frustnya nak achieve the right colour.

Searching for the right grays

Day 3

Today, I spent the WHOLE DAY continuing the rendering. b o r i n g g

Day 4

Today’s the first time I use punch card! And because of the rain, I got a red print (alasan). So much for first impression huh? After spending yesterday doing the crap RE-editing and rendering, and printing and editing again, and printing again (nasib ink compay. kalu kat kedai print berkeping A2, brape puluh ringgit dh nii), I finally finished and printed the final thing. Hmm... done AT LAST! Haha…

One of the options. Nampak senang kan? Tp sebenarnya...

So it’s time to paste it on the mounting board, and I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL POSSESS ME THAT MORNING, I didn’t search or ask for a spray mount! Maybe because I see a glue sitting on the desk behind me all this while, so I thought maybe this firm didn’t use spray mount. Oh how stupid I felt. So I use the glue, and because it’s liquid, I use a hard board to spread it evenly on the board. So basically it works like spray mount too lah, not that I let the paper menggelembung with glue.

Then En Zakhir saw it. And he compleeetely freaked out. “Awak guna gam?” “Dekat sekolah tak ajar ke?”. Omg omg! Altough I just want to shout “Dekat sekolah? You mean, dekat fac? Or maybe school of architecture?”, that might not be a good idea so I just keep my innocent face, when in fact I was guilty as shit. Abg Man also was shocked too because of En Zakhir’s freaaky moment, and he asked me why didn’t I ask him. I just don’t know what to answer. As I told before, I don’t know what possess me that morning.

Okay, end of horror chapter, next task, I helped Abg Man to key in the sq ft area of the ATM bungalow. Easy task. Then I ask Abg Nas if I can help anything. Haha guess what, as I predicted, the client wanted the new design for the gateway I did last week. Dumbass. I guess this is the reality of the nature of this profession (banyaknye of), client always right. Even when they’re not. Because money is everything. For them to save, and for us to gain.

Okay fine, so I have to resort for the “typical” design of gateway. Because the resort is infused with some Malay-ness in it’s design, nah amik la “ciri-ciri kemelayuan” sangat! Although my lecturers will surely fire this thing off because of it’s “revivalism” (sorry En. Mazlan). Haha

Option 1 "kemelayuan"la sgt. Option 2 "Survivor" la konon. Client requirement: cheap

Day 5

Finally, a day without rendering. After the gateway, today I was asked to design the coffee house for the same resort – which is design no. 4 I think, the previous three designs by Abg Nas were sliced off by the client. I was briefed a bit about the previous designs, location of the coffee house (which is interesting, cause it’s on slopes, En. Mastor’s design for Boh in Cameron came to mind). So I spent the day sketching, and getting some ideas. Thankfully the book and magazine rack is just behind my place, so I can refer to it with ease. That’s it. Done for 2nd week! Yayy…


On Sunday, I went out with Farah, Anuar and Nisa, watching Blades of Glory at Mid Valley. Hell that was one funny movie! And we chatted non stop for the whole day about our own firms and experiences, and the surprise of the day... we met En. Irfan! What a freaking coincidence! We met him for about 10 minutes and he said the lecturers' visit to our firm will start by halfway this month (June). And it will be a surprise, "wakenabeb" style visit where the supervisor will be the only one informed about it several days earlier. Hek eleh... buatnye MC tetiba nanti, datangla sengsorang ye. hehe


fara-D said...

fuh!akhirnya. setelah puas nurul dan fara d membebel!!

haha. pnat aku baca. hek!
hari ni, jam 4.30, datang en arkitek yg suka bercakap pantas ngalah kan erl kasik aku render and he want it FAST! by 6pm. gila. ada 3 elevations within 1 and a half hr. ah. aku wat suke ati gak le. alih2, kol 7.20 pm baru pulang!! terlepas manjalara...isk!!

Adian said...

alahai... ciannye die. aku abis keje awal arini. baca2 majalah lagi.

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