Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 3

Previously in Week 2
for the right paint colour turns to nightmare and designing the coffee house.

Week 3: Damn You, Detailings!

Day 1

After finalizing the design with Abg Nas, I was asked to key in the drawings in CAD. Finally the first CAD drawing I did entirely here. Pretty easy on the floor plan part, furhtermore all the resources from previous projects are readily available via network connection so I don’t have to worry bout the color settings, door+window samples etc.

Things starts to get complicated when I proceeded to the elevations, due to the Malay-style pitch roof. Because I always resort to flat roof during my previous projects, this has prove to be quite a challenge for me. So I consult with Abg Nas and Abg Man, who worked out the pitch solution for the roof.

Day 2

I’m still doing the elevations, with the oh-so-complicated and confusing roof. b o r i n g. Then Abg Nas told me to do the section first before proceeding to the elevations. Right. Omg this the first time I did the very detail of the section. Susahnyaaaa.... as I’m not that master in detailings. So I just copy the previous design’s section, thankfully we got a similar roof style. And because this is the fourth design, I don’t think it will be the ultimatum. So I don’t think the detailing is very important, I don’t think the client will actually seeing it, because we also got the chalet unit, spa, reception and others, not just this freaking coffee house. And taking that into excuse, adding to the fact that I’m on a deadline here, I don’t think this is a huge issue.

Day 3

After finishing the section yesterday, I proceed to the elevations. Well, it’s alot easier because not much of detailings involved. After all is done, I handed it to Abg Nas for further comment or amendment. Oh damn, he complained that my detailing sucks. Okay I know I’m not that good in detailings. But hello! For God’s sake, as I mentioned before, 1: I’m on a deadline here and 2: This freaking design is not even final! Not like I’m doing working drawing or submission drawing! Given that this is the FOURTH one, I can bet my life that the client will either slice it off, or at least make a huge alteration. So, who cares about the every inch of detailings of something that will later be dissed off? And I am trying to save my time here, I don’t want to care about the detailings until I spend the whole week doing the same thing (which I already spent almost). This is the same case with the F1 roof two weeks ago, which I spend days doing every damn inch and detailings of it, when eventually we took a far perspective picture of it, what’s the point of doing the bolt and nat then? Today is officially my worst day here.

Do you think anybody esp. the client who might not know much about detailings really KNOW care if the detailings is not exactly right? And with such small print, can they even SEE it?

Day 4

Because of yesterday’s “tragedy”, I’m totally not in mood for work today. I still do the drawing amendments. And when I was confirming the detailings with Abg Nas, he kinda “cool things off” from what he said yesterday. He slow talked to me, explaining that as an architect, we must not only know how to design, but also how to make the design work. He admit that it’s pretty common for students to produce out-of-this-world design, but eventually will be impossible to build as they didn’t know the how the structure works. Well, I fully agree with him, but I still with my point – never WASTE time for things you KNOW will end up WASTED. If he wanted me to learn detailings, give me working drawing task so I can properly learn.

Day 5

Because I finish up my drawings at home, I rushed back to the office that morning quickly print it because Abg Nas will take it to the meeting at 10am. When I open my laptop, oh crap I couldn’t find the .dwg file! Holy... I must have accidentally deleted it last night. But THANKFULLY I found the .bak file, and rename it to .dwg. Voila! I got back my drawing. Finally I print it and handed it over to Abg Nas. I admit I kinda screwed up in this task. Sorry Abg Nas!

And then En Zakhir called me to his office. AAAA NOT AGAIN!!! He’s asked me to do another 2 options of colour for MP Sepang project. One of it was his, and another, he asked for MINE! So as usual, I did the usual trick of mix and match, and I managed to confirm the colour with him before the Firday prayer! Haha I’m a pro in this now. But the problem came when I did my own colour option. I mean, this is not to be done cincai-cincai. It’s serious. En. Bakh saw me and after I told him that I have to do my own option, he came back with a magazine to suggest some colour. Haha you saved my day!

Abg Nas came back from meeting. And I got the good news! The developer/owner completely redone the whole project, scrapping the whole layout plan and all. And gone were the Malay/Bali whatever style, they want to keep everything to a minimal. HA HA HA. I knew it. Thank God I didn't spend so much time wasting on the single damn detailing. Now it's W A S T E D.

And it’s 6pm! Yay! End of the depressing week 3.


ChikaDior said...

abg nas?
aku tingat kelab disney msia la.
ko keje kat TV3 ke? ke ... kat Kelab Disney?

miahahah! *sengal*

Adian said...

eh abg nas tu skrg dh ntv7 la. breakfast show. best gak. huhu. sbnrnye abg nas ni expect si jawz tu, sbb die yg reject tmpt ni dulu, so dorg nak kenekan die sbb nama same.

fara-D said...

nampaknye...ko takyah spend byk masa utk log book. kang nak submit, ko anta je sehelai ketas yg bertulis
"visit sebarang keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi saya"

senang, takyah penin pale!

Adian said...

aku ade gak terpk ttg itu. hehe

ChikaDior said...

boleh tak terangkan sket apa yg ko tulis psl jawz tu. tak faham la saya. saya ckp psl kelab disney tiba2 kuar nama jawz. aik?

Adian said...

fakta 1: nama jawz ialah wan nasrul nizam

fakta 2: jawz la yg apply tpt ni dulu, tp dh reject sbb die amik tpt lain

fakta 3: akula yg mengisi kekosongan itu

fakta 4: staff cni dah bace cv si jawz ni, dan xtau aku dh replace die

fakta 5: arkitek kat cni (merangkap supervisor aku) name die nasrul (yg abg nas tu la)

fakta 6: staff2 kat cni ingatkan nak main2kan si jawz la sbb nama same ngan supervisor die.

hehe tu je. fhm x

ChikaDior said...

seb baik ko explain dgn jelas. aku kan lampi.

ChikaDior said...

ko ni tak aci la. main koto. bukan nak update ebtry baru. tp dia update entry lama dia. apa arr lu.

autocad drawing tu cm bukan keje ko plak. sbb ko mana buat yg sarat2 ni. ko punya sumer yg smooth and steady je.

Adian said...

oho itu sesungguhnya bukanlah kehendak aku namun kerana tuntutan kerjaya dan klien yang menginginkan "eko-resort dlm hutan" whatsoever yg berciri alamiah balinese konon2nye...

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