Friday, June 22, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 4

Because of the writing delay, at time of writing (week 7), we already got the result for our last semester. Thankfully I managed to pass the disastrous, catastrophic semester and it helped me lift my CGPA (or PNGK) a point higher. Alhamdulillah. But sadly and unfortunately for us to lose some of our dearest studio aka second family members this time. But every cloud has a silver lining. Things happen for a reason. Hope we'll still be together forever.

Previously in Week 3

Detaling: Me vs. Supervisor. I won! The whole project was redone. Padan muka. Ko watla balik sume detailing yang suke sgt tu kan. hahaha....

Week 4

Day 1

The topic of "allowance" was abuzz at this time among us the first time interns. At first I was not very sure to get it, because I’m not even here for a month yet. But when I was doing the photoshop rendering, Kak Dida called me and wrote me a check. So I learned that 28th is the payday for every month. But of course I didn’t get a full month payment. She said it’s for 19 days, which accounted from the date I started work (INCLUDING weekends, yahoo). And for the allowance, Alhamdulillah it’s totally not bad. Especially to think that I only have to pay for lunch, which are crazily cheap here (quite the same as in the faculty’s cafe). And considering I don’t have to do any overtime for this. I finished the rendering and continue to my new task, which is to key in the CAD drawing for a corner lot house in Bukit Jelutong. Because the original soft copy had missing, I have to depend on a photocopy quality original drawings given to me.

The critical condition of the original drawing.

Day 2

I continue the drawing for the corner lot house, when En Zakhir wanted to amend the colour option for that freaking Majlis Perbandaran Sepang. Again. Oh God.

Day 3

I finish the amendment for the rendering, handed it out to En Zakhir. Finally (and I hope that is the last time I will ever be seeing those elevation), and continue the Bukit Jelutong drawing, now entering the elevation, which unlike the floor plan, the original goes totally out of scale! So I have to scan the drawing, scale it in photoshop and print it back. Hish. Leceh tul.

Day 4

Continue the Bukit Jelutong drawing.

Day 5

I proceeded to the section. Haha I love doing task that has no deadline cause I can drag it to as long as I want. During the Friday prayer, I had lunch with them at the stall nearby the mosque, we're having this 'Nasi Ayam Dara' which cost me an eye popping rm6! Ayayay!! OK, it's the last day for the week! Overall, a pretty enjoyable one.

The nearly finished CAD drawing. Yay!

5 Things I Love About This Firm

Because I have very little to say about Week 4, I’ll give a bonus feature. This is 5 things that keep me going everyday.

  1. The staff. They really ROCKS! I totally don’t mind to really work here someday. Abg Man and Abg Nas (except for certain circumstances, ehem2) are extremely helpful. Evertime the two big bosses were out of office (for meeting, etc), the atmosphere changed radically. Everybody talking louder, making out-of-this-world jokes that churn my stomach. Especially during 4-6pm, we’ll be collecting money to buy kuih and pisang goreng, and voila! Open house! (or open office)
  2. The task. Except for the coffee house task, all my work contain no radical deadline. Which means, no overtime! No work brought to home! And so far (I’m in week 7 now), all the task given are in my capability scope.
  3. Time and distance factor. As told before, I have the closest distance from home to the office, pretty much like from Zaa’ba to Canselori, minus the naik turun bukit. So it’s pretty enjoyable walking back 20 minutes everyday, and I’ll almost always on time for Manjalara. And going to work never been easier as my dad drove me here, which take less than 5 minutes. So traffic jam, public transport never came as a problem. Which means I don’t have to wake up early in the morning, catching bus and so on. My office hours started at 9am. I woke up at? 8.10. hehe.
  4. The workspace. My desktop PC is one of the only 2 in the firm that has access to internet (though unfortunately dial-up, but okla), and also equipped with printer and scanner. Behind my workspace is 2 cupboard sized shelves, 1 full of architecture magazine (which I love to read during free time), and another of material catalogue (and which I don’t. hehe). And Thank God Abg Man’s PC can burn DVDs, so I can burn all my downloaded things here.
  5. Flexibility. My punch card is full of blacks and reds (but the reds always 9.01am – 9.04am only la). And even if I came at 9.00am, I will be one of the first to arrive (at least among the staffs at ground floor. Those at first floor generally came earlier). And should I came 5 minutes late, I’ll just be back home 5 minutes late too. The dress code for the office is unstrictive too. Apart from meeting with client (which required a formal wear), you can come everyday with jeans and collared tshirt.


fara-D said...

oh.saya pon bakal miss opis saya nnt. org2 nya sonok (owh. selected sahaja. ehek)
saya sunggoh bahgia di opis itu. bekeje ngan tenang dan aman damai.... sampai la suatu hari itu... iaitu jumaat smlm...secara ngok nye terlibat dgn manusia yg tak sepatutnya... cis!! cpt abis dua minggu weh!! aku takmo terlibat dah ngan gila tuh!! aaaaa

ChikaDior said...

gaji tak masyuk pon :(
ciput je :(
kedek btol bapak boss

Adian said...

yg penting pengalaman nurul, pengalaman!

(berlakon spt xmata duitan)

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