Monday, July 02, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 5

Previously in Week 4

Payday! And not much else.

Week 5

Day 1

Today I got my first taste of the bi-weekly meeting. We reported to En. Bakh on our current task, and so on. It’s pretty fun. And it seems like En Zakhir just learned that I’ll only be here for 9 weeks. He looked surprised.... Hey! You know, maybe he PURPOSELY give me that time consuming rendering task, thinking that I’ll be here for 5 months or something. It could be that way. And when I finally finished the Bukit Jelutong drawing and printed it, he said “ok!” in a very willingly way and WITHOUT any amendment! That’s a first!

Day 2

Not much happenings today. Actually none at all. Apart from a page of company’s CV I made for the TLDM Gebeng project, which took 30 minutes. And the rest of 8 and a half hours? Let's just say I have talent in making myself seemed busy. Hehe

Day 3

Abg Man asked me to help him to put the name of spaces in the TLDM Gemas bungalow CAD drawing that he’s preparing for presentation tomorrow. Easy one. And after that, I helped him edit the drawing in Photoshop. And finally print several copies of it and bind all of them.

Day 4

New task! Finally a task I love, Sketch Up! The last one was in Week 1 which I did for the F1 Sepang. This time I have to do a 3d model of one of our latest project, a futsal stadium in Ampang. The project is under Abg Man, which he design too, so he assisted me through the early stages of forming the basic form of the stadium. The first one we did was the main roof. OMG, cukup pantang btul bab2 bumbung lengkung2 space frame ni..... leceh!!! Adus. Tahankan aje la. Thankfully Abg Man is a lot kinder than Abg Nas, he didn’t really care to do all the detailings because in the end, nobody gonna count how many jointings it got! Kan Abg Man kan.. ahahaha

Day 5

Continue the Sketchup. Almost done for the form. Abg Man ask me to continue at home during the weekend. Waaaa.... no no no.... weekend ialah masa bersuka ria!


fara-D said...

saya teringin mau part time di GLC tuh...sbb saya chentakan wang! (sejak kebelakangan ini!huhu)
tp sangat takot!takot terjebak!aaaa...

yo. kamu kelihatan variasi yang task2 kamu... aduh! jeles i!

ChikaDior said...

pagi td, seblom g keje aku dah baca entry ni cuma x sempat tggl komen. wallauweihh... dia buat ATAP! ATAP! *kampong gila sebot atap*

Adian said...


ko ni, terjebak, terjebak! xpun citer ape yg terjebaknye tu.


atap man! i do atap!

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