Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 6

But first, here's a bonus.

Characteristics of Architecture Students.

I got this from a fellow archies blog. There's the statements, and my comments under them. Nurul and Farah, u're welcome to do the same!

Here it goes...

The alarm clock tells you when to go to sleep
OK, this is a no for me. I know when should I sleep.

You're not ashamed of drooling in class anymore
YES VERY TRUE YES. But for last semester I've gotten better (partly thanks to reflexology techniques I practiced, hehe) I never slept in Puan Akmal's class anymore!

You know what Superglue tastes like
No. I can't imagine it to dry up on my tongue.

You've obtained at least one scar during model making
Oh, biasela. But not necessarily from the cutter. I still got an ugly scar from scratching my hand at the drafting table. Damn!

You celebrate space and observe your birthday.
Hmm no

Coffee and Red Bull are tools, not treats.
Amazingly, I don't do much coffee during my night stay.

You feel offended when someone offers you a kilometrico/bic pen.
Haha funny. But I don't mind. But 0.2 /0.4 feels oh-so much better.

Your diet is made up mostly of instant noodles.
No! We eat "real" food every night! Pelamin... Ameerali... nasi goreng thai... nan cheese.. can't wait to taste those again!

People are nauseated just by smelling your caffeine breath.
As I told before, I don't do much coffee.

You are surprised when you see an art piece in your school.
Art piece? En Azimin's batch do a lot of them.

You think everything is possible.
Everything is possible, but not everything is CONSTRUCTABLE.

But hours before submission, everything is impossible.
Hmm... not hours la, gimme 2 days and I can change my WHOLE presentation.

You've fallen asleep in the bathroom.

You've listened to all your CDs in less than 48 hours.
CDs? What era are we in? Everything's in em-pee-three

Your laptop or pc never shuts down.

You're not seen in public.
Oh yes

You lose your house keys for a week and you don't even notice.
No, I'll notice.

You've brushed your teeth and washed your hair in the faculty's bathroom.
Never. yet.

You take notes and leave messages with a rapidograph and expensive colour markers
Hmm.. no lah. At least not for us.

You combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one single meal.
As I say before, we took FULL meal time.

You see holidays only as extra sleeping time or time to redo your work.
Yes yes yes

You've got more photographs of references ie drains, roof structures, windows, than of actual people.
Oh not for us. We looove to be photographed.

You can live without human contact, food or daylight, but if you can't print it's chaos.
Oh freakin yes. (maybe except food)

When you're being shown pictures of a trip, you ask about the human scale, the lighting, taken the camera model bla bla bla.
Hmm... not exactly. But maybe the architectural and photographic aspect.

You can use Photoshop, Illustrator and make a web page, but you don't know how to use Excel.
Haha. I mean yes.

You refer to great designers (dead or alive) by their first name as if you knew them(Frank, Corbu,Mies, Norman).
Hmm we still call them in full.

You buy 50 dollars worth of magazines that you haven't read yet.
NO!!! Throw a magazine in the studio and if you don't write you name on it, the next thing u know it's G O N E.

Your romantic interest/boyfriend/girlfriend does not mean anything to you whilst in the studio.
Maybe that's why some of us prefer inter-studio coupling.

You can tell what time it is by the smell of your breath.
Hmm... we're not that critical

You will forget what is the meaning of sleeping.
No!!! Because we can sleep everywhere. And I mean everywhere

You can memorize pictures in a split second but it takes you days to memorize a paragraph.

You may even appear emotionally retarded when out of ideas.
Beh!!!! (God, I'm so cruel)

Sitting exams mean nothing to you. Studying is no longer a priority.
Until during a week after the final submission, before the exam.

Assignments and projects are more important than your life. Late submissions = DEAD.
Yup. En Irfan knows it.

Going out is not just for fun anymore, but to observe and get ideas.
Oh so very true

You drag yourself back to hostel in flip flops, yesterday's shirt & with a sleep deprived expression while others make their way handsomely to morning lectures.

You go for a shopping spree for paper, markers, model boards, glues, cutters, pc rams and printer inks.
Hmm... not necessarily. We loooove "real" shopping too.

When you go to a new place, you tend to stare at the roof for several minutes
Hmm... not necessarily too.

You don't care if people see you in your scruffiest torn shirt and pyjamas at school. But if there's a formal dinner, you'd be the one competing to look the best.
Hmm... again, not necessarily. (Flashback to Za'ba dinner)

You don't watch movies at the cinema. You watch them in a minimised window on your pc while you do 3D presentations (or CAD).
Farah! Jawab!

And here's the real reason for this entry.

Previously in Week 5

Futsal stadium Sketch-Up in progress.

Week 6

Day 1 & 2

As I say last week, weekend is NOT a time for work, so when I came back to work on Monday, a simple "Sorry la Abg Man, weekend haritu balik kampung" with an innocent face will do the trick (Abg Man, if somehow in the world you managed to read this, I'm sorry!! Tapi last skali siap jugak kan? hehe) And yes, on Tuesday, finally it's DONE!!! Yeayyyy...

Abg Man printed the pix in A2 and brought it to meeting with client on Tuesday afternoon.

And when I was still doing this. En Bakh came, see and say "hmm pasni boleh la buat yang muzium tu plak". Aaaa new one?

Day 3, 4 and 5

Yes, so very true. Being the only one in the office able to use Sketch Up, I can sense that my expertise is being fully maximized by this firm. One can't help but notice when every project suddenly needed a computer generated 3d perspective image. Dulu bole je sketch sendiri. But I'm not complaining. This is wayy more fun and enjoyable than CAD. Plus, my report will be more colourful.

The project: A new facility upgrade at Muzium Negara, consisting of tensile structures (again!) as watcher's canopy for the amphiteatre/stage. And you know what, the almost 2 DAYS were wasted on doing the space frame (the zig zag rasuk thingy when suddenly En Bakh went to the meeting and came back informing us that it's been replaced by the plain curvy pipe (batang lengkung biasa). AAA... you know how freaking hard to get it done and suddenly we replacing it a 1 hour worth of job? Ayyaya... But again, because this is under Abg Man's supervision, forget bout the detailings! Yeay!

And we managed to almost complete it by Day 5.


ChikaDior said...
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ChikaDior said...

can't wait to do the same!
but not now.

hey, u did the 3d? woaaa... i did NO 3d but... hey, check it out later my updates. blom lagi la tp. tak larat. capek.

fara-D said...

"You don't watch movies at the cinema. You watch them in a minimised window on your pc while you do 3D presentations (or CAD).
Farah! Jawab!"

cis!pekena aku!
berguling gelak aku mlm td bc respon yg ni!terkena sunggoh!isk!

Adian said...


ahaha... sape yg tgk cite korea window kecik smbil wat autocad tu?? hehe

ooo... cepat2..

fara-D said...

perlu ker? cis!!

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