Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 7

Previously in Week 6
Minggu Sketch Up Sedunia!!!

Week 7

Day 1
I gave finishing touch to the Sketch Up model of Muzium Negara's renovation project. Done! Yippee...

Day 2
(at home during breakfast)
En. Mazlan called! He ask me the direction to my firm. Turns out that he’s the one who will come visiting me (every practical student will be visited once by a lecturer). Said he’ll come on Thursday.

New task! Sketch Up (yet again!). This time it's for a project dubbed "Gerbang Utara". It's actually to build a giant gateway (pintu gerbang) of Ipoh, located at the PLUS highway when you're entering Ipoh for Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh.

Originally En. Bakh asked for 3 design options, 1 each from 3 of us (me, Abg Man & Abg Nas) back on last Friday, to be given today. But because I'm busy for the Muzium's Sketch Up, so I was excepted. hehe... Instead, I have to build the 3d model of all 3 options in Sketch Up!!!

The client wanted a gateway that "reflect the identity" of Ipoh on it. So we searched for some ideas. Abg Nas settled for the bouganvillea motive (it's Ipoh's official flower), Abg Man went for kapal korek motive (Ipoh's history as tin conglomerates settlement during the old days), and I... I try scribble a little, but I still can't accept an ordinary gateway. I was very influenced by all the deconstructivism and organics sculptural in the design book. But you know the authorities will throw it to the bin the moment they saw it. So I didn't take the risk. By the end of the day, I almost got Abg Nas (which was surprisingly don't give a damn bout detailings this time) gateway design in the Sketchup. And I have to finish it together with Abg Man's design by tomorrow.

Day 3
Yeay I made it! Managed to complete 2 of the designs on the morning, and at last we got our third design and I finished it too before went back to home.

no. 1 from Abg Nas, no. 2 from Abg Man and no. 3 from us. But this is the "naked" version from Sketch Up. For the presentation, Abg Man has added colours, clocks, sky, trees etc.

Day 4
Yeay! En Mazlan finally came at around 10/11 am. And oh damn it I forgot to bring my UKM log book, so I phoned home for my dad to send it at my office. At first he met En Bakh in private (it turns out that En Bakh is his senior long2 time ago), then he met me and Abg Man (because Abg Nas had a meeting that morning which make my “plan” works like charm, hehe). He’s in about 45 minutes before rushing back to UKM because Dato Sri Azmi Khalid the minister will come there.

Oh and about work, I don’t have any of it today.

Day 5
Today I got new task. Yes. Sketch Up yet again. This time from En Zakhir who wanted a taste of Sketch Up in his work too. The project is shoplot blocks in somewhere in Subang (I don’t know much about the location). And this time without any guidance from CAD reference whatsoever, but instead from his sketch. A very fussy and confusion-inducing sketch. Damn, why it always be hard on me when it comes to his task?

At first Abg Nas guide me from scratch, then En Zakhir came and say that I should be able to do it just by referring to his sketch (konon2nya buang mase Abg Nas je nak guide2 ni). Oo suka-suki je! Xnak wat kang! And he sat down next to me and clarify his sketch. As he explain, I went “oo” “aa” “ok”, but most of the time I don’t understand pun. Ahaha…

Beyond Borders
I went to help UKM “delegation” setting up the booth at 1st Annual Architecture Camp in UIA with Anuar, Ai and Ya (which sadly, under certain reason Farah couldn’t make it) with courtesy from Beh who went a great deal in getting us there (long long long story, xlarat nk taip) because the lack of manpower. But once we finally arrived at UIA that Friday midnight, we were shocked to find our booth flocked by 3rd year seniors who were busy setting up. So, kami pun tolongla sket2 mane yg patut. Turns out that diorang rembat kerja2 kat rak blakang studio kitorang. Nak cepat punye pasal, I can’t help but laughing at some of our work they bring. Yang dari apparatus zaman 1st year 1st sem pun ade, shelter pun ade, projek2 yg dah pamer kat Olympiarch dulu pun ade. Well, at least they try. Kudos for the effort. Thanks seniors for saving UKM’s name this time! Walaupun tema Beyond Borders dah bertuka jadi Archinature kat booth tu. hehe...

And about the event itself, I should honestly say that this is DEFINITELY NO Olympiarch. The atmosphere is just not there. Well, what you can expect when participants from each IPT is limited to 7 students. The hallway, exhibition hall, corridor, cafe is just lengang... But the commitment from UIA students as the organizers is certainly undeniable. The preparation, decoration etc is good.


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