Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 8

Previously in Week 7
En. Mazlan came, and Minggu Sketch Up Sedunia enters it’s second week.

Week 8

Day 1
Wow, it’s been WEEK 8 already!!! 2 week more!!! I was continuing the Sketch Up task of Subang shoplot when suddenly Abg Man got TONNES of work. So he asked me if I can help him to render the presentation drawings of LKIM project in Kuala Selangor, consisted of 5 buildings, each with floor plans, elevation and sections, to be done by Thursday for client meeting. Because En Zakhir didn’t mention a deadline for the shoplot task, I agree to put it in KIV, and help Abg Man.

Day 2
Rendering continues…

Day 3
Yeay! Finished! And I printed it in 5 sets, and bind them for Abg Man for the meeting tomorrow. After that I continue the Subang shoplot. And before I forget, it’s PAY DAY again!!!

Day 4
For the second time I have to put the shoplot in KIV again, because I helped Abg Man rendering 4 options of Information Box at Telekom Multimedia College (2 elevations and 1 perspective each) because he went for a meeting and needed it by tomorrow. I managed to finish it after lunch. And by the way, this is Farah’s last day here. She brings spaghetti.

Day 5
At last I can resume the shoplot again. But En Zakhir just told me that he needed it by next Monday, cis ingatkan lambat lagi! so that means… AAAAA HOMEWORK AGAIN!!!


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