Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Life as an Intern: Week 9 [Series Finale]

Previously in Week 8
Pay day again! And not much else.

Week 9

Day 1
The result of bertungkus-lumus kat umah the previous weekend (actually Ahad petang baru stat) paid off when I presented the finished product to En Zakhir, and he like it. But biaselah, there’s some minor amendment here and there bla2 and I finish it by lunch.

After the lunch, Abg Nas asked me to do a site tracing for a (yet another) TLDM Port Dickson project, but I already promised Abg Man to do some addition to the Muzium Negara sketch up I did before. But Abg Man never give it to me after the lunch, so I just "keep quiet" and start doing my report (Note: this is where I start my report). So, moments before 6pm, Abg Nas asked again, so I hesitatantly agree to do it next morning. Yeah, hate anything bout CAD.

Day 2
As promised, I arrived at my desk and quickly start the tracing. And I was done by about 12pm. And the rest, I resume my report

Day 3
Got new task today from En Zakhir, still about the TLDM PD project, but thankfully not CAD. It's a Sketch Up model for one of the component, Bangunan Markas Cawangan Perajurit Muda (what a long name, yet I don't know what that means). Basically a simple form.

Day 4
Finishing the Sketch Up. Then Abg Man asked me to do the final CAD before I left (that already makes me sad), which is amending the floor plan for the Futsal stadium. It is so painstaking amending things. I think doing from scratch is easier. But because it's my final CAD task, I managed to make it pretty fast. I don't know the deadline was that evening, so when Abg Man asked for it, I almost finish it! Haha, so close to a stay back!

Day 5
With all my work already finished, I thought today would be a free day already, so I was happily doing my report that morning, when En Zakhir (who pantang seeing me without work) passed by my place, and caught me doing something other than office work. Aaaa, so he gave me another Sketch Up task, a garage/workshop in the PD project. I really suspect he didn't remember it is my last day there, and I didn't bother to tell awal2. So I quickly did the Sketch Up because I HAVE to get it finished by today or else nobody can resume it later (because nobody in this office know to use it). And tada! I finished it at 5.30pm.

Yes, this is happening. I am about to leave this place. And ending up a routine that I've gone through for 9 weeks. Who ever thought I might ended up loving this place. Even I never thought so. But now I'm so hesitant to leave. I went to En. Bakh's and En Zakhir's room, but unfortunately both of them have gone back earlier! Oh damn, I don't mind bout En Zakhir, but I really need to thank En. Bakh. waaa... maybe some other time. So I proceeded upstairs to meet and hand shake all my abang there, Abg Wan, Azhar, Joe, Helmi and Abg Nas (he worked downstairs but went up gossiping bout a shocking news about the company next to us), most of them didn't aware it's my last day, because it's only just been 9 weeks. And I went downstairs back to meet Kak Dida, Kak Mas and Nora. But Abang Man pulak naik atas. So I went upstairs again to meet Abg Man. Saying goodbye to him is the hardest, because I really thought him as my older brother, as I have none in real life. We even shared the same interest: music videos, movies and dvds. I always suck in saying goodbye, apologizing and all that, but I've tried my best.

Gombak, 1997-2007
Not enough of sad stories for that day, my mom said that Sunday will be my last day at my current home, because we will move to our newly completed house in Klang when I'm at UKM several weeks from now. Isk... isk... I'll be leaving all my memories and friends of 10 years, since I moved here in 1997. And after this I'll be far away from KL...


ChikaDior said...

last part tu sgt touching la. nak pindah klang? umakaih... maknanya, sebaik je ko keluar ahad ni balik ukm, kau takkan balik ke umah gombak lagi la eh. eh... aku plak rasa sedih...

selamat mendiami rumah baru...!

Adian said...

isk isk isk... aku sayangkan gombak! waaa...camne ni susahla nk kuar jimba2 tgk wayang time cuti.

ChikaDior said...

nape susah plak?

fara-D said...

hmm...nampak nye....pasni ko nak balek...leh ikot separuh jalan je lah. wahlala...

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