Sunday, September 02, 2007

8 Weeks Later

OMG!!! First and foremost I'm terribly terribly sorry for the little hiatus (though not that my blog got 100 visitors daily), but I know, it might be annoying to see the same thing again and again each time you visit here over the last 8 weeks. It's not like I don't want to update, in fact I have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of things to write. It's just that I have yet to find a suitable mood and time to blog. Because you know, I don't usually wrote a paragraph of updates. I do pretty lengthy updates each time. And that takes a hell lot of dedication and time. Which I sorely lack of for this semester.

This semester has proven to be our toughest yet. Yes. It's officially proven during our last presentation for the masterplan, where nearly 2 third of us couldn't manage to go back to their room and have a shower before the presentation session. Why? Because most of us only finished their work (which thankfully done in a group of 4) like 15 minutes before the deadline. How crazy was that, huh? And the best part is: the lecturers still didn't satisfied with the results. Well, it's not their fault. We've tried doing our best for the time span given.

Well, I couldn't promise anything, but for the next updates, here's what you might expect:

The Bus Stop | The Masterplan | Bandung+Jakarta - A Trip to Remember | Dis-ass-trous Fest'sena


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