Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally Over!!!

Current soundtrack: Inconsolable (Backstreet Boys) - They might be too old to be called "boyband" anymore, but this new single from their upcoming album "Unbreakable" surely has some AWESOME melody. Carrying a lil bit influence from "Drowning", I really love the chorus.


Thank God!!! With the end of external review this morning, the hard part of the semester is finally OVER! O V E R!!! It feels like a huge load has just been taken off my shoulders. To be honest, I'm hoping for at least B- but with all this semester's issues and bla bla bla (censored), I think just getting a "pass" is already fine with me, although I really hate to smear my design result for the first time with a C. Sigh. Guess I've learn a painful lesson this semester.


Perhaps the only good thing happened to me during last week is the chance to watch the much hyped and anticipated "P. Ramlee The Musical" on the second day of performance (it ran from Oct 18th to Nov 3rd) with Farah (plus her bro, sis, bro's friend and sis friend), Nurul and Chee Way. After all the fuss with the reservations (thanks to Farah and sis) and the transportation problem (thanks to komuter. and Farah again. hehe), I can't believe that we actually made it there.

Bout the musical itself? Hmm... I think it's OK la. Not bad. Haha no... I was kidding. It's SPLENDIFULOUSTIC!!! (splendid+fabulous+fantastic). It aced on every level, though my seat could be better. The production quality was as high as you can imagine! From the costume to the set (it has like a dozen of different sets, which changes in every move possible, disappear to the left, to the right, to the back, to the top, or even to the bottom of the stage!) Car driven onto stage? Check. TRAIN? Check. Now that's something! The lighting is freakingly great too.

The performances was outstanding! Especially Melissa Saila who plays Norizan, I really love her break-up scene with P Ramlee (Sean Ghazi), though she's vocally challenged while singing the "break-up" song (but I think it is only so because she's in "angry" mode). Junaidah was played by newcomer Atilia, was OK. Siti (Azizah) was OK too, but she got a stereotypical role. Imagine putting her in Norizan or Saloma. Talking bout Saloma, Liza Hanim is gonna be BIG after this! She's so believable!!! The chemistry between her and Sean is really there! And Sean Ghazi is the man! While the four actresses only appear for half an hour or so, he's there for almost the ENTIRE 3 hour show and still energetic for his role after all that dancing and singing. And while he's not pure Malay (I don't know), it's not hard to accept him as P Ramlee.

The songs? OMG if you love Puteri Gunung Ledang's musical soundtrack, you're gonna LOVE this! Composed by the man behind PGL soundtrack, Dick Lee, it's sounds so modern and broadway-ish which caught your ears the first time you listen to it. The song by Siti is one of the best Siti had ever sung! REALLY can't wait for the soundtrack to be released!!!

The lowdown that night is the sound, where the dialogue is loud but unclear and in-understoodable. Especially when they sing. Kesian Chee Way, lagila dia xpaham.

Curtain call when they got a very deserving standing ovation

After the show ends sometime after 11pm, we went out from the Panggung Sari. Me, Nurul and Chee Way got separated by Farah and others. And thanks to mine and Chee Way's phone which battery had died, and Nurul's which ran out of credit, we couldn't find her. So, instead we took pictures of ourselves at the lobby with the promotional posters and all. Suddenly we noticed something. It's the meet-and-autograph session by the cast!!! Including all the main actors Sean, Liza, Siti, Atilia and Melissa. And the poster's being sold at ridiculous RM7. Well, we certainly don't care, and Nurul queued up and got the signature from Siti and Melissa then passed the poster to me like baton in a marathon and I got the rest of the cast's signature. Thanks to Chee Way who waited with camera, the pictures speak for itself!!! Sadly Farah and gang have gone. I can't imagine camne kalau diorang ade. Mesti lagi gegak gempita lobi tu!

You just HAVE to watch this one. But the ticket's sold out already.

Gambar tengah tu membuatkan Farah makan hati

Oops bonus plak.

Official website for more details


fara-D said...

jahat!!!!!!!mmg makan nhati doh!!!

skurang2 nye....masokkan lah gambor kiter bersama2 tuuu!! isk!! *nanges!*

and yeah, agree wif u! love the show SANGAT AMAT! with the 'cair-sean-ghazi' thing... the set kiri kanan atas bawah, the car, the train, the pelakons are all so cute! man! im so addicted!

vangardx said...

olla olla..huhu..dah sold out la..bila nak ada balik?

ChikaDior said...

yewww... omg ur last photo tu.....!!! terkejut aku

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