Monday, October 15, 2007

Maaf Zahir & Batin

First of all, I'd like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri for all Muslim readers. As usual, Raya almost feels nothing to me, apart from being a holiday after a hardworking Ramadan finishing the last project. Yeah it's good to go beraya, strengthening the ties and all that (though I'm not a big fan) but I think raya is too overrated and over-commercialized now. For me, raya is more that just ketupat, rendang, new clothes and duit raya. But I love kuih raya though.


First time Raya in my new home! Wow, this is like a blessing in disguise. I was sceptical over the place availability for Streamyx and how I was wrong! Better, my dad upgrade the connection to 1MB/s! While I still hate the fact that TMnet blocked the torrent, but thanks to Rapidshare and all those filesharing site, I got my weekly dose of favourite episodes faster than ever!


As usual, we had a fantastic (and of course superduper busy) Ramadan this year. It's kinda sad when we had sahur and break our fast together for (supposedly) the last time after three years. I wish to be able to see what will happen on next year's Ramadan. On the other note, my only left standing granny passed away last Ramadan too, and that's just sad as I haven't seen her for a pretty long time (I can't even remember when did I last see her) but thankfully I got to see her for one last time during the funeral. Al-Fatihah.


Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long. Besides the tag post and another sorry post, nothing has been written here for the whole semester. It's not like I don't have time for writing, but I just don't feel like to. I've even wrote some draft, including a planned mega entry for the 2nd year retrospective like I did last year. But it's been stalled for too long, so I'll just keep it that way forever I guess.


This semester is penultimatumly the toughest semester ever. Why? Maybe because of several factors. 1: I hate housing (which I'm not supposed to, because housing projects consisted three-fourth of all construction works in Malaysia, BUT..) which brings us to no. 2: The project is too realistic. Too realistic in a sense of, we're given a freaking small piece of land, and you're thrown with hundreds of housing units to cramp in. That is the developer's way of developing. Not the architectural way! Which means a very limited space for the creativity part to tuck in. And yet... 3. The lecturers expect us to work wonders. Which, hello! With the above mentioned impossibilities, which we haven't accounted the rigorous UBBL (building bylaw) yang melecehkan yet, and you dare to expect something out-of-this-world kind of apartments. And with limited time! I don't care if I got banned by the dearly lecturers after this, but I'm highly disappointed with this semester progress. Yes, extra point no 4: townhouse and apartments - NOT FAIR! In terms of nearly everything. While the townhouse students only have to solve the internal circulation of three storey house for 2 owners, the apartment students have to solve the circulation for the unit, circulation for the floor, circulation for parking, the block arrangement, the services, fire escape route, bla2 and yet our scale is the same with the townhouse. That's why the townhouse people got only (maximum) 7 panels, while the apartment got (minimum) 10 panels. Which means, more time to do the CAD, more time to do the SketchUp, more time to render, and more time (and expensive) to print!

I won't be surprised if more of us have to repeat than last semester. Even if that includes me.

No, I'm far from satisfied with my final product.


The second season was A W E S O M E. And I hate to say that it is the last. Why all good things must come to an end while you have silly Senario running for like 10 seasons? This is so unfair. Nevertheless, thanks for entertaining me these 2 years and it's good to be reminded there's still some quality left on TV these days. And boy, my craziness for the series also got half of the studios hooked for it too. Thanks to download technology! (Now Red Communications (the production company), please produce a lovely 2 season DVD box set with great packaging to go with so I can keep this treasure. No VCD like first season ok! Everybody has DVD player now. And I want commentary, the making of, deleted scenes, bla..)


Summer's over, and again, I didn't watch anything on the cinema. Just like previous years, I'll get the DVDs. (Talking bout DVDs, I've spent my ringgit just like I always planned for: DVD! while in Bandung. I grabbed like 60 DVDs there. With 6,000Rp / RM2.40 each, who's not tempted!). The more important thing is, it's fall, which means new TV season starts!

Desperate Housewives starts off the fourth season by solving the shocking cliffhanger of the "supposed" Edie's suicide, which, though make me feel little bit fooled, but at least Edie's back, naughtier than ever!

The Best-Comedy-Emmy-stolen Ugly Betty (which it lost to 3o Rock, but congrats anyway to America for the deservedly Best Actress) begins it's second season also by picking up the pieces left at the finale last season. And it did a good job. The opening sequences of "Les Pasiones de Betty" is really funny! And for a while, I almost believe that Santos really lived (although spoilers on the net ensure that he's dead) but the twist in the end is heartbreaking. But Alexis lost her (or his) mind? That is soo last season's Mike rip-off from Housewives.

Heroes, also in it's second season, starts off in disaster (after a disappointing finale) where everything is kinda everywhere. But thankfully after 3 episodes, it's watchable again. Look out for the Smallville-kinda moment. It's pretty awesome.

Sadly, Lost will only start it's fourth season early next year, same with Dirt, so I gave a chance for two new shows this season: Pushing Daisies (WONDERFUL! Kan Farah! It's like CSI, minus the violence, plus Cat in The Hat, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wizard of Oz Tim Burton-esque - kind of world) and Bionic Woman (which unfortunately kinda sucks).


fara-D said...

yeah!pushing daisies vesh!!wat tayangan nnt!ngehehe.

weh.jgn sebok2 ngomong psl repeat ye. sekeh kang! tak best tau. (well, bahagia jugak la tp terseksa gak seorang diri ni)...hiks! go adian go!!

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