Monday, October 29, 2007

Wish Me Luck

My exam starts tomorrow! Wait, actually today because it's 3.14am already. Hmm I don't know what to read anymore (waaa blagak!) hehe... so the first paper is Malay Architecture & Theory (Teori & Senibina Melayu) at 3.30pm, and we got a day to do revision for the next Wednesday's paper, Professional Practice (Amalan Profesional), which I haven't read A THING! OMG that subject is soo boring! Hmm... that's it! Just a small rant in the middle of night.


fara-D said...

OMG!so far, both paper were so damn easy ...if i HAFAL those tips they gave. haish. but it was ok-ok lar, kan?
hehe...selamat maju jaya!

ChikaDior said...

"...well, we certainly don't care, and Nurul queued up and got the signature from Siti and Melissa then passed the poster to me like baton in a marathon and I got the rest of the cast's signature.."

ahaha. ayat tu macam satu perjuangan pulak.

btw... gud luck eddy!

Adian said...


memang. kalu hafal. sbnrnye 2 paper tu warm up je. wahaha... ukur tanah, mampus!


ahaha... gud luck toot. eh, too.

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