Monday, November 19, 2007

5 Movies I'm Dying to Watch

Hmm lots of movie talks recently. Why? Because real life is not just as exciting as the movie now. And I try not to bore the visitors with my boring story. Instead, let me give you sneak peak of my own 5 most anticipated movies that are coming to cinemas I can't wait to watch. Check out the trailer for each, and tell me what you think. (youtube links for fast loading, if you got broadband go to apple links for higher quality and sound)

5. The Mist (US opening: Nov 21st, Malaysia: Unknown) Youtube | Apple

A group of people stranded in a grocery store when a thick mist suddenly came surrounding it, bringing mysterious underworldly creatures. The plot revolves around how they deal with it, the conflict, and so on. Judging by the trailer, this looks like a must-see.

4. Enchanted (US opening: Nov 21st, Malaysia: Nov 29th) Youtube | Apple

Fairy tale comes to life - LITERALLY! This movie is expected to become the "Night at the Museum" of this year. With broad appeal for the whole family, analysts predicting it to score big. And the trailer made every Disney fan to start chalking up the date for it's release.

3. The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (US opening: Dec 25th, Malaysia: Mar 13th 2008) Youtube | Apple

Have you heard about the Loch Ness legendary tale? Well, this is the story. Kinda. It's a fiction based on one of the biggest mystery unsolved yet. I don't know why I haven't heard of the movie until yesterday when I stumbled upon the trailer. Looks fantastic! Opens in US on christmas but sadly only will be arriving here 3 months later. Damn.

2. I Am Legend (US opening: Dec 14th, Malaysia: Dec 13th) Youtube | Apple

Whoa, being a sucker for post apocalyptic thingy, who doesn't feel excited after watching the deserted, eerie looking Times Square featured in the trailer? Apparently there's a virus spreading across the world, which left our hero (Will Smith), who somehow immuned by it, alone. But he's not alone, there's also "the infected", which lurks by dark, and evolved into carnivorous creature. Uuu... zombie movie.

1. Cloverfield (Us opening: Jan 18th, Malaysia: Feb 7th) Youtube | Apple (recommended)

Now THIS is how you make a teaser. The teaser is shown before Transformers at the US, comes without a title, hence sparking one of the biggest internet phenomenon about a movie the world ever saw. I mean, New York + Monster + Blair Witch style camerawork + JJ Abrams (the mind behind mega tv series Lost) = BUZZ!!! The title was eventually revealed as Cloverfield, revolves around a monster attacking New York as seen by a small group of people POV (point of view). The movie's info is VERY limited, with everybody's working on the movie is kept mouth shut. It's a shame we only got to watch it a month late.

As you may obserbed, most of the movies are of the same genre (except Enchanted), that's because it's chosen by me! hehe... other notable mentions including National Treasure: The Book of Secrets, 10000BC, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, and The Dark Knight (Batman 2)

I'll be back to campus tomorrow!


ChikaDior said...

kita kena KEJAR movie2 ni semua. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH IS NOT ALONE tu cam sgt sgt best je...

hey lo!
aku tgk bontot penguin lagi tadi.
dan masih punya obsesi dan fokus yg sama spt kali pertama aku menontonnya.

apakah word yg sesuai utk aku? (SELAIN DATIN OKAY!)

Adian said...

ahaha aku pun dh tgk byk kali tp still terpana bile tgk. tgk sket trus nk smpi abis.

word yg sesuai? ini kene ade kaitan ngan peminat bontot tu ke atau in general?

ChikaDior said...

ye. currently ... mestilah something 2 do with the BONTOT

fara-D said...

bon-tin...bontot + datin. hiks!

nurul tadapat lari dari kedatinan! huhu!

ChikaDior said...

takdeee... aku nak jadi penguin pulakkkk

fara-D said...

nk jadi penguin, jadik lah pentin (cam bunyi shampoo pantene lak...)
penguin + datin. ke nak BoNguin = bontot + penguin atau pun boleh juga, daNguin =datin+penguin

aaaaa....apa kejadah nye aku merapu neh?!! dusH!

Adian said...

waa aku xonline 1 hari baru, mcm2 kekarutan berlaku di sini! ahaha...

ChikaDior said...

saya prefer PENTIN. Sedap, mudah, ringkas dan padat. macam penulisan berkesan pulak.

kekarutan xpe. jgn pencarutan

fara-D said...

haha! masa itu emas! jgn lepaskan peluang anda utk mengarut adian!
yeah! itu yg kita cariii!!!! PENTIN!!

ChikaDior said...

penguin lah!
takmo datin.
tak mautak mau.

fara-D said...

pentin pentin PENTIN!!!!

apa salah nya jadi datin, kan ke vouge jd datin! ewaaah! kan adian kan?!

ChikaDior said...


Adian said...

ape kate BATIN je. bontot datin. ahaha

ChikaDior said...

tak gunaaa

Adian said...

ahaha... suka suka suka

fara-D said...

*gelak guling-guling sakan!*

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