Friday, November 02, 2007

Exam Fever!

2 Down, 4 to go.

So how's the exam's going on? I would say so far, the paper's been pretty kind for me. The first paper, Teori & Senibina Melayu, I think set my personal record for the fastest paper finished ever. Unfortunately it only accounted for 40%. Sigh... For Amalan Professional, baca cam banyak je (banyak la sangat), keluar cam sikit plak. But very the hampeh the question for sistem kewangan is mixed with sistem ekonomi. I read the sistem ekonomi but not the other one. If I knew, I wouldn't have to read both! So I don't need to answer the question (Thank god we can choose to answer 3 out of 4 Qs).

But we have to brace ourselves for the coming paper, Ukur Tanah (Land Survey) and Structure, as these are our most hated tensioning subject!

Measured Drawing

In the nutshell, the program is actually Survivor: Johor in disguise, where we are divided into several teams of 5-6, which each group will be dropped in each district of Johor (JB, Pontian, Kota Tinggi, Mersing, etc.), to do measured drawing for 2 houses. Where will we be staying for the whole 2 weeks? Well, either rented house (r u crazy? for 2 weeks?) or one of the houses that we're gonna measure (again, that sounds pretty illogical at this moment. Are we gonna pay the owner or what? Takkanla nak duduk makan free je kan. I dunno?!)

And the biggest issue is the date of the program: December 17th to December 30th. Which clashes with 2 holidays, Aidiladha (Dec 20th) and Christmas. Apa kes? 1 thing, we had to beraya apart from home, another thing, are we gonna beraya with the family with the potential sons and grandsons? Mind again that we're 5-6 persons. Unless those houses memang run homestay for a living, this program is a disaster in the making. I hope the lecturers have all this problems sorted out already.

And let's not go into the group forming process. Because we're gonna stay closely together for 2 freaking weeks, of course we gotta be far from people we hate with people we like being around with. My group consists of me, Ainul, Ceeda, Zaid and Anuar. We've chosen Pontian as our district. Let's see where things heading to after this.


Last year it came on October 6th, but this year it will not reveal itself until November 9th, which will surely makes all the vice chancellors hearts pounding faster than ever. Hehe. Can't wait! Official website.

Dah, dah. Sambung study.


fara-D said...

group forming process?? haha...penuh kontroveri! rugi hang tak mai!!

sedeyy...oi shud be wif u guys to pontian but instead, thanks to that so-called-controversy-thingy, im off to mersing! sigh! jawohhhh!!! :((

Adian said...


ChikaDior said...

hey, aku rasa aku dah komen entri ni. cissss. magik pe kejadahnya ni...

i'm off to kota tinggi. ahahaha... pasni boleh buat drama melayu klasik

"johor dilanda TODAK".



ChikaDior said...

oh, one mo.
group forming process.

best tgk aksi jawz dan perjuangannya. kan farah?

fara-D said...

haah! jawz tetap pendiriannya! berjuang habes habesan!!

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