Thursday, November 08, 2007

Movie Mania

Current Soundtrack: Like The Sun (RyanDan) Magical! This single from Canada's identical twin brother Ryan dan Dan's debut album caught me the first time I listened to it. Hoping to follow the successful footsteps of Josh Groban and Il Divo to make classical crossover to pop territory, the first single looks like they started off on the best way possible.

Open House

I couldn't make it with the 2 car rombongan to Ainul's open house in Kuala Pilah last Sunday because I have to go to mine! Just a quick visit actually, as I have to return back to campus that night cause the exam continues the next day!

Exam Continues

Hmm... (long pause) a pretty tough one. That's what could be said for the Ukur Tanah paper last Monday. My hope dangling high on the objective section. And the terabas part. Well, let's forget it all cause next Monday comes the SCARIEST paper of ALL - Struktur! Which is like, soo out of our league.

Round Round Baby

The night after the exam paper ends, we (with Fara, Ainul, Mek T and Faeez) took a ride around KL. Went to Eye on Malaysia (at last!), and pretty much every KL famous night spots including Taman Tasik Permaisuri. (haha berangan Skuad Siasat Mastika). But unfortunately none of us brought the camera. Aaaaa

Movie Marathon

Realizing that the next paper will only be on the next Monday, I took some time to enjoy a marathon of movies I took from John's place (while printing my panels at his home).

Thank You For Smoking (****)

The rave reviews this movie got excites me to watch this. And it's completely worthwhile. In fact, it's brilliant. I love this movie! The movie truly belongs to Aaron Eckhart who gave a very convincing performance. Watch it! Highly recommended.

United 93 (***)

Being a sucker for based-on-true-event thingy, I've been longing to watch this since catching its trailer last year. Being a Muslim, I will not lie that it's a bit disturbing to watch Muslim's being the bad guys, but hey, it's a reality for the tragedy. Or not. I don't know. The moral is, don't hijack a plane. It's bad. As for the movie itself, it's ok overall. It tries to stay true to the real account. Lot's of fast cuts. RIP for the passengers of United Airline 93.

Mr. Bean's Holiday (**1/2)

Another (and probably final) Bean movie. I really enjoyed the first one 10 years ago (1997). So 10 years had passed, and Bean looks older but his crappiness still unchanged. Pretty OK overall. I had some laughs.

Lucky Number Slevin (***1/2)

Watch this by accident. I pretty love this movie. And I rarely love this kind of assasin-shoot-boom-bang movie but the twist is good enough to stay it out of cliche. Lucy Liu gave this movie a lighter mood and save it from being too serious.

Night At The Museum (***)

Seriously, apart from it's standard-fare CGI-laden, this is mediocre at best.

Employee of the Month (***)

Sure, it's trashy. And Jessica Simpson can't act. But I quite love this. In fact, it got me laughing more than Night at the Museum did.

The Holiday (***1/2)

Also being a sucker for romantic comedies, this is sweeeet movie. And any woman who says they don't love Jude Law after watching this definitely got some problem. Sweet and amazing single father, he's a role model for all men out there. Got me several big laughs here. Recommended.

And this is what I recently watched.

Breach (***1/2)

I don't usually watch spy thriller - haven't watch a single Bond, but I loved this movie. Intelligently done, another based-on-a-true-story of one of the biggest inside threat in American CIA history. Chris Cooper shines in the movie, as did Ryan Phillippe. Recommended.

Knocked Up (****1/2)

I can give this movie full 5 stars but nothing's perfect. But this movie is indeed perfect! I love love love it! A great take of one night stand, the chemistry, or "dis-chemistry" in this case is great. The jokes is UNSTOPPABLE - especially if you understand it. And prepare to see a real baby birth for the first time in movie - Anne Hathaway reportedly casted for the main role but stepped down because of that scene. Highly recommended.

Die Hard 4.0 (***1/2)

Haven't watched the previous 3 Die Hards, this is a good start for me. Packed with shootings, explosives and all that jazz, this is the kind of movie that is watchable without subtitles.

Bee Movie (***)
And on my way home yesterday, I took a detour to Mid Valley to catch Bee Movie with Farah. Well, the movie is OK. Not the best animated feature (Finding Nemo is still my fav) I've watched, but it's entertaining enough.


fara-D said...

short update?? naaah!! *wink!*

Adian said...

short la ni. gamba je byk. ahaha

ChikaDior said...

saya blom tgk Knocked Up. Tapi tak salah kiranya saya mengaku saya dah 'tengok'.


Adian said...

hmm ape maksudnye tu. ooo tau2..

ikoko said...

WAA.. bagus-bagus.. cuti ni kang bleh ar aku cari semua movie ni..

aku akui, hanya 2 movie je yang aku dah tengok di antara movie-movie yang ko senaraikan ni..

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