Saturday, December 08, 2007

During the last 6 hours...

Current soundtrack: Lucky (Lucky Twice). Addictive.

... I officially broke the updates of every group's specific location of houses to be measured from the email that was forwarded to A'ai from lecturer Z from Yayasan Warisan Johor. I was told to forward the email to other lecturers and fellow coursemates.

... I reformatted the email from scrambled pictures and address spanning 3 emails into separate email for each group in word documents. Jenuh! And sms-ed two person from each group to notify them.

... I learned that we're given 2 options for the houses, the least from all other groups (by comparison, Kota Tinggi got 6 options and Mersing got 4). Anyway, from the 2 options, the winner is clear because it's nicer and smaller.


... I broke the news that we're going to Johor by Anuar's Kancil to my parents. Luckily they didn't freak out and cool with it.

... Ceeda called the house and unfortunately the owner said that we can't stay at the house cause they're not going to be home for a while in the 2 week duration. Instead the owner suggest the neighbourhood homestay or chalets. God, let the rain comes with MONEY!

... I learned about Kampung Sungai Kuali, which is located near Kukup, a small fishing village (and the beach!), which is 20 km away from Pontian.

... I learned how to reach there from North-South Expressway from the online map here. Maybe you can check yours too there.

... I learned from Ceeda's blog that En Mastor's currently not in Malaysia, which resuting in the chaos of management that we're suffering now. And the Yayasan Warisan Johor, which supposedly responsible for our accomodation has "disappeared". Kuajja!


fara-D said...

MEMANG KUANG HAJAU!!! SAKET HATI SAYA! hukhuk...da la umah kamu chantek! umah pilihan kami semua tiada lanskap menarek! isk isk

ChikaDior said...

o ye?
that is how the story goes???? wallauweh. kong ajaq....

ada ka?

Adian said...

:: fara
ala umah kamu tepi pantai camne nk ade landscape2 nye. matila tumbuh2an itu kene udara masin laut.

:: nurul
mmg hampeh. elaun? kalu ade, mmg aku sujud syukur la.

fara-D said...

sial sial sial!!! hate la like dis!!eeeeee.... dah nak kena wat 2 ni....aku da penin sakan ni!!!!nak mengamok je rasa!!

Adian said...


chikarasanakbunuhorang said...

taboleh sabar.
jantong aku rasa nak terkeluar dah ni
dr semalam pikir plan ngan ayah aku.
arini saban hari menyusun plan

nak mati dah.

Stone said...

(Y_Y)...i feel like dun wan to go there at all....

fara-D said...

yayayaya!! saya juga agree dgn sansit! dont want to go!!! tamau tamau tamau!!!!!

Adian said...

join the club

ChikaDior said...

group aku tak de tmpt tinggal, tak tau nk dok mana.. since the owner cam tak berapa nak bagi. aku sudah gila. bye

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