Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Week of Test

Looks like 2007 closes itself on a low note for me.

My excitement to give updates on our measured drawing program which ended last week was cut short upon receiving my results for last semester. While I didn't fail, it's highly recommended for me to reseat for design. And there goes my dream of graduating with my fellow coursemates next year. But for now, what's done is done and I'll stop my hand from pointing hands to others. Well, I believe that every cloud has a silver lining, and I think this is a wake up call from Him to give me time to reminiscence and reevaluate what I've done over the years. To think on the bright side, I think it's better to reseat than smearing my results with Cs.

So I'll be concentrating on the topical studies (pre-thesis) next semester, thus solving my worries of doing the topical studies and final design at the same time - which I'm sure will drive me crazee. Hopefully I'll have more time to spend on blogging this semester. So to my survivor coursemates, thanks for a wonderful 2 and a half years and I wish you good luck for next semester!

Measured Drawing Part 1: Scary Pontian

Haha. Ni Ceeda yang kasik name ek. Tak scary ape pun. Actually it was great. My special thanks for family Hj. Ambok Ingtang and wife, Hjh. Induk Chicuk Daing Haddadek (daughter of Daing Haddadek, the original owner of the house, which was a respectable figure in the Bugis community back then). And also Abg Hadi, their son, for being a huge resource for our study. He even typed what we need using his notebook. Haha ko ado? Being a homestay participant for years, the family is pro in treating guest. We owe so much from them. Thanks for treating us with the prawn spectacular during the last night.

And the top 3 most laugh-inducing quoutes of our 1-week-long stay is:

  1. "Oi, oi" - Zaid, during his panic xtentu pasal time Nuar drive.
  2. "Banyakla makcik yang kitorang nak tau, bla2..." - Ceeda, starting her interview.
  3. "Pakcik tu bawak tongkat, abang bawak ape?" - En Ismar's wife, in our little "monkey-encounter" at Tanjung Piai.
Measured Drawing Part 2 : Sumpahan

I'm not kidding! Even a pessimist like me have to admit we encounter some "badi" everytime we talk about something from Pontian. After we came back from Pontian, most of the groups stay back at the studio for another week. The first time we talk about it, my almost done report magically unreadable and I could only recover about 20% of it, THE DAY BEFORE we supposed to print it! OMG! And I spent the whole night and day typing and arranging pictures back.

And while I resumed my work, we talked about that something again, knowing that I've done multiple backup in my notebook, and guess what? MY NOTEBOOK DIED! Just like that! No warning, nothing. So we took out my hard drive and transfer it to Ainul's desktop, and everybody shut their mouth off until we finally submitted the whole thing.

Nearly a week at studio is fun! Because we didn't stay at college, everybody tried to make themselves as comfortable as possible during sleeping, yang lari ke surau, lari studio sebelah, lari tempat ainul (shah), bawak lari comforter senior, sume adelah!

And my notebook is currently at HP centre to get it repaired. So I'm sorry I can't post the pictures just yet. Damn, baru ingat nk tambah RAM, abisla duit ganti tahape2 tu.


ChikaDior said...

sedih :(
sekarang all i can say is.. no future prediction. sbb aku pon tak tau BILA aku akan grad and WHAT'S NEXT after grad. no idea. at all. no idea.

wish u all the best ok.
dan selepas jatuh, bangun semula menjadi lebih kuat ya. nasehat utk diri aku juga. and untuk semua org. architecture mmg gila, fun, seronok, tears dan semualah.

pasal SUMPAHAN tu. omg! laptop ko pon dah buat hal? aku tak tau plak. so kesian. abes? ko survive ke tanpa lapop chenta hati jiwa dan raga tu? eheheh.


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