Saturday, January 19, 2008


OMG!!! I just came back home from campus when I stopped by at Mid Valley to catch Cloverfield.

One word - CLASSIC!!! It really lives up to it's hype. People in Malaysia might only know this just recently when the promotional gear started, but in the US and the internet, everybody's waiting for 18-01-08 for a movie that requires you to know as little as possible before entering the theatre. A combination of Blair Witch Project and Godzilla, this is a movie that forbid you from leaving for toilet - you can't miss a sec! Thanks to it's "video recording" format, it ran just for just about 90 minutes - pretty much the length of a videocam, which keep it from being too much, leaving every scene as important and keep you wanting for more.

Some people might have issues with the shaking frame (like the chinese guy who sat next to me), but I don't mind. The special FX is just as good as any recent disaster flicks, and don't worry, you'll be able to see the monster 20 minutes into the movie, and again, again and again - not just at the final minutes as widely claimed by rumours. The main characters are just 5 or 6, and the relatively unknown cast (until now) makes the character believable and we won't be having problem bonding with them as another "extra character" - the camera that joins them through the whole ordeal. Everybody played their part perfectly, Michael Stahl-David is fast climbing my favourite actor chart through his portrayal as the "main dude" in the movie - I love the scene where he's talking to his mom through the phone and deliver a sad news - so genuinely real.

Almost the whole theatre went "what?" when the movie ended, but I think it's the best ending imaginable for Cloverfield. Thankfully they stay true to the "recording" format and didn't cut to the "proper" cinematographic scene at the end. Kudos to JJ Abrams - the strategy really paid off, I'm glad to be part of the phenomenon, this will definitely topped the box office for more that a week and surely one I never forgot for many years to come.

And while it's been a pleasing journey, please, no Cloverfield 2. Now I'm counting the day until LOST returns it's fourth season after a spectacular season finale this January 31st!


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