Friday, January 11, 2008

Mr. Notebook on Holiday

Current soundtrack: Ketentuan (Ramlah Ram) Haha "is she still exist", you might ask but the answer is yes, and she's better than ever. I was never a big fan of her but the new single is wow! In the era where everything produced local is either Audi Mok-esque computerized beat or Meet Uncle Hussain and Hujan-esque indie, it's nice to be remembered that old style Malay pop still has it's kick when done correctly.

Back to the topic

Can u guess where's my notebook now?


OMG ni dah lawan tokey ni! Actually according to my dad, my notebook's motherboard is doomed (damn) so apart from replace the motherboard (which is as expensive as replacing the notebook itself), they're going to replace some components in the motherboard, thus sending it to HP's regional centre in Singapore. I thought of collecting my notebook this week. Looks like I have to live without it for yet another week. Sigh.

Thank God for the 4-day holiday! Yesterday's Awal Muharram (Happy New Year/Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslims!), today's no class combined with weekend holiday make perfect reason to run home and enjoy internet as it should really be, unlike the faculty's crappy 1-minute-on-1 minute-off wireless and consistently slow cable connection.

New Faculty Block

Last week when I was strolling past the faculty's foyer, my eyes caught the sight of the new faculty block's proposal. At last. After we hear about them from the first year. Architecturally it looks mediocre. Nothing outstanding. It's up to the material and finishes to make it dazzler. The bad news is, it's not our OWN! We thought it's supposed to be our own block (architecture department), but much to my dismay, from the 4 floors proposed, we only get ONE floor - the second floor. The others are occupied by makmal, and bla2 including the spacious dean's office department at the top floor - what, the dean are moving too? Or does the Pusat Kejuruteraan Termaju got their own dean? Or maybe it's our department's dean? I don't know. And from the plan, I can't see any sustainability aspects or student friendly area, I hope this is just preliminary and it's better be FIXED soon.

The interesting part is, the architect firm is Shaharun 77, one of the firm that me, Farah and Shafiz went to search for the sponsor for our Bandung trip. Hmm... above all the firm we went that day, only this firm asked us to come back a week before our trip (which we never went because the trip is postponed to the next semester), maybe it's not because they're kind, but instead because they're already been approached for the project and afraid to lose it if they didn't respond to our call. Hehe just a theory.


ChikaDior said...

bukan the whole block utk jsb ka?
ukm masih sgt tak guna.
bila nak berguna, tak taw.

apa la susah sgt mo kasi jsb ruang utk hidup dgn baik. studio pon mo tutop kol 12. sgt tahi lembu.

laptop ko sgt jantan.
kirim salam kat dia bila dia balik nnti.
pesan ole2 ok.

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