Friday, January 04, 2008


OK, so it's 3 days into the new semester, and how do I do so far?

I had fun!

Really, of course even I didn't expect any amount of fun in this "design-less" phase - refers to the semester in which you're waiting for another semester before you proceed with design subject. But hey, it's not bad I tell you. Especially when everyone's desperately trying to meet the presentation deadlines and going here and there to get signature, adding credit hours, trying to finish all subjects in this semester (and even extending into short, third semester). All this while I begin my research for the topical studies.

I always wish to God to give me more time (gimme gimme more), and He grant me a 4-month holiday.
I'll be doing my final 2 semesters without any stupid assigment intrusions.
And without having to see the face of people I do not wish to see.
Wow. I soo get it.
Every cloud has silver lining.

My fellow coursemates will head to Penang this coming 18th, they'll be designing a performing arts center this semester (Gedik's semester dream come true). Sorry for not joining you, guys. Enjoy your trip!

On Wednesday, we get our first brief for our topical studies subject this semester. After that, we rushed like bulls after their being released in race at Spain to the selected lecturers of choice. Finally, it's me, Ainul, Ai and Ya under the helm of En Mazlan as our topical studies supervising lecturer. Because his area is housing and sustainability, I chose to cover the issue of Malaysian housing backlane crisis as my topic.

And in other news, I am still waiting for my notebook, currently recuperating in the hospital, HP Center. Get well soon, buddy. I need you. Badly. I was so bored without design and notebook, I made some last minute decision on New Year's Day to watch National Treasure 2. Alone. But the next showing is 7pm when I reached Times Square, so instead I fill myself with nice eating and nice shirt shopping (thankfully F.O.S is having sale, and I accidentally found an M sized t-shirt, which is ultra rare there, because it's always a haven for L and above users).

I think that's it for now. The connection in the studio and lab now is unforgivenly slow. Coming soon in the next entry, faculty's new block sneak peek.


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