Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'll return to campus in an hour. Spent the weekend at home cause everybody's left for Penang trip, which I hope they enjoy their 3 day (the SHORTEST trip ever). Studio's started to close at midnight beginning Jan 14th, due to an "unknown reason" (i love speculations), so the girls with PCs will start to move back to their room, and subsequently many more after that, cause who earth stop doing their work at midnight! (Architectural world, I mean) It's really sad, cause a studio is not a studio if it didn't operate 24 hours. Just like 7-Eleven. And what makes it sadder, the cable internet connection is really peaking it's momentum currently (though only during night), once my download speed reach 1000kb man! That's like 1MB PER SEC! Crazy! And last Thursday I downloaded the WHOLE FIRST SEASON of Weeds for like 2 hours! 3.5 Gig in 2 hours! No kidding.

This weekend is a pretty good one, catch the oh-goodness-it's-terrific Cloverfield, downloaded the first season of The Office (well, it's pretty so-so, maybe second season will be better) and 30 Rock (wow, the 3rd episode begin to amaze me. I still need more reasosn why it beat Ugly Betty in last year's Emmy though). Last night watched DVD of The Gameplan, another tough-guy-turned-on-their-"softer"-side formulaic flick by Disney, OK it's decent. Maybe this is kind of movie that need you to watch with your family, friends or at theatres, and not alone, cause you'll tend to laugh when other people laugh, although repeat viewings will make you wonder why are were you laughing at the first place.

And I still yet to receive my notebook. Oh crap. I need it to get my previous year's project documenatation. We need to submit it for accredetation on Jan 22nd. And for my freelance project. And another special project. I swear if it's not in Singapore I will go the Centre and drag my hard drive's ass home. This is driving me crazy!


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