Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dunia Baru

Last Thursday, me, Gedik, Farah and Ainul went to Mines to watch Dunia Baru: The Movie. Although I entered the cinema with skepticism, (this being the second Malay movie in a row I watch after the mediocre Cuci), I gotta give my hats off to the movie! It was a non-stop laughing event from start till the end. Although the movie has it's flaws and some questionable scenes (for example, the scene where Aniza seduce the coffee shop owner, then what happen next?), it still deliver what viewers want. The cinematography is beautiful. But the sound system sucks! I think TGV Mines had some sound problems. The sound only came from the front side, and at times I can barely understand what the character was saying.


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