Friday, February 29, 2008

Talking bout...

Yes, I'm home this weekend. Despite the fact that tomorrow we're gonna have a "special" class/lecture for the engineering ethics class from the people of Sime Darby (if I'm not mistaken). I was at college for the last 2 weeks and already set my schedule to be home this week. It's the lecturer's fault to give us such a short notice. So I don't care how "wajib mutlak" the lecture's gonna be, I already has my "agent" signing up for me. After all, it's not really our subject. It's just compulsory for the engineering students, which reluctantly includes us.

Talking bout engineering,

We had our English for Engineering class "interview" session last week. Damn, if only the real interview gonna be that easy. Not to brag, but my chosen profession as graphic designer really saves me a hell of architecture-related questions from the "interviewers" a.k.a. the English lecturer. Maybe she didn't know what to ask about graphics, so she threw the generic questions such as "why do you like this job", "what do you know about the company" and "what is your proudest moment" and not scary things like "what is the current graphics trend in Malaysia" etc. which will leave me gasping.

Talking bout gasping,

I just knew about Lydia Shum's death while reading the TV programmes listing on The Star. I don't know why I wrote this. After all, Heath Ledger also died recently. And Loloq too. And Megat Junid. But something triggered me about her. While I'm not a big Chinese movie and serial watcher, I grew up watching her in those weekend TVB gameshow. So somehow I'll miss her. And I know the world too.

Talking bout death,

I just went half through the second season of Ghost Whisperer DVD, a BIG thanks to Afiq who went for the 2nd year's studio trip to Jakarta+Bandung. Really saves my download time. And always remember, keep the tissue in your reach distance cause most of the time you're gonna need 'em. And Jennifer Love Hewitt got my vote as the perfect woman for the time being. She's my definition for beauty.

Talking bout vote,

It's election time! And thanks to Pak Lah who dissolved the parliament 10 months earlier than the supposedly 4 year period, I left my chance of registering as a voter (alasan!!) cause I just turned 21 last September and I taught I could only register after that, but I was wrong. (According to Gedik) you could register anytime even before 21, but you have to turn 21 to VOTE. So, guess I'll have to wait til 2012.

What should the party do to win my vote? What do I want to see in their manifesto?

  • To upgrade the existing broadband connection.
  • To unblock p2p connection, torrent, limewire, etc.
  • To widen free WiFi access to whole shopping malls.
  • To equip all campus area with free broadband internet access.
  • To reduce price of CDs and DVDs.
  • To give vouchers for computer stuff and gadgets to IPT students every semester.
What a geek. So, for you voters, choose wisely.


fara-D said...

wuh! adian menceburi bidang drama queen nampaknye...wuuuuu....

hmmm....entry berantai eh ni....
"talking bout...
talking bout...
talking bout..."
bijak bijak!

yo! aku tak abes lagik ghost whisperer tuh!wuwuwuw!!!

Adian said...

drama queen? mane? huhu.

talking bout tu dah abis taip baru idea dtg.

aku bg pinjam ghost whisperer kat shafiz die tgk ok je. dvd ni tak ftec compatible kot. hehe.

fara-D said...

cis cis... komen itu berbaur hinaan terhadap ftec yg byk berjasa ni taw!!!

Adian said...


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