Friday, February 08, 2008

Strike's Over!

Can you believe that? The 13 week strikes that put all productions of TV shows on hold is finally almost, 99% OVER, the news reported. The new deal is agreed, and the strikes may be finally over this weekend.


So if the strikes over by this week, how many episodes will our favourite shows able to complete before the season ends in May? Because the shooting and production will definitely take some time, and it will take 2-4 weeks before a new episode could be broadcasted.

Ugly Betty - Silvio Horta (creator) says he can complete 4 new episodes. But that will bring the total episodes to 17, while Silvio has already mapped out 23 episodes storyline for this season. That will cause a 10 episodes worth of plots to be crammed into 4. Oh god, many plots will be chopped out! Nooo!!! I hope he will be able to find another clever alternatives.

Pushing Daisies - Sadly there will be no more new episodes this season because the producer already wrapped out the season last year with the cliffhanger finale (Chuck's mother is revealed), and felt that it's better to come back next season and start fresh with new plots.

Desperate Housewives - Marc Cherry said last week that he's able to complete 7 episodes before the season ends if the strike's over soon. Hope he's true to his word. Yay!

Samantha Who? - there's several already completed episodes before the strikes that remain unaired, plus new episodes = could bring up to 9 new episodes more!

Heroes - Tim Kring said he could only complete 3 episodes (as Heroes requires a hell of special effects in post production, unlike Housewives) and it might be dangerous for the series to comeback with few episodes to start Volume 3: Villains, so I think it will be better if Heroes wait for next season.

Lost - 7 episodes already being completed before the strikes, (2 has been aired) and another 4-5 episodes could be completed before the season ends.

I want more Amanda-Gene Simmons moment

Today supposedly is the day I do all my assignments. Hopefully.


fara-D said...

huh! aku pun nak wat assignment...

tdo jap dlu......zzzzzzzzz

Adian said...

cis.. haha aku pn xtau nak stat wat yg mane dulu nih. huhu

fifirini..motif? said...

Gene Simmons is my daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

(sambil angkat tangan rock bagai diiringi suara teran nak terkucil bagai)

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