Thursday, February 28, 2008

Twist in Trust

I thought I've seen enough drama with all the TV series I'm watching. Hell boy, I was wrong. So wrong. So very wrong. Until yesterday, I wasn't aware that I've been a cast in a real life drama that needs a series of it's own. A series filled with lies and betrayal (yeah sounds so cliché, but life is cliché after all). The person who plays the lead could as well be a psych. Or badly needs attention.

Thank God I got it figured out before I'm graduating and all is too late.

Moral of story: Never give your trust easily. And luckily I never did.


gedix dan gedox said...

drama apakah?
aku ngan gedix nak tahu!

Stone said...

It sounds very serious. What had happen actually???

Adian said...

gedik dan gedox
gedik tau sket. tp kalu die bgtau, die kene download cite sendiri pasni. haha

not so serious. but damaging. and too dangerous to be told publicly.

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