Wednesday, March 19, 2008

4 Minutes

Current sountrack: 4 Minutes (To Save The World) - Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland. This is a BOMB!!! Quickly got addicted after 1st listen. Really, the best thing from Timbaland after Nelly Furtado.

Currently using Safari browser. Pretty neat. Download it here. Just got back from English class. God, we suddenly have a 25%-of-overall-mark group work to be done by Monday. There goes my berangan to be home this weekend. Faculty's LAN and wireless are getting better these days. I once download a whole album in 45 SECONDS. Like, what!?

The topic of "4th year" is creating quite a buzz these few days. Apparently UKM is opening up to 15-20 seats to fill for the coming Part 2 (Year 4) this next semester. And it's already been filled. Nice to see some of them again for the coming years (including some surprise entries) , so I won't be alone after all! And that raises me the same question. What will I do next year?

Of course, I'm not ready to work yet.


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