Thursday, March 06, 2008


Last night I booked the table for the college annual dinner this coming 19th. Every year it's getting harder and harder to find a table I can seat due to my growing list of person "allergy". I can't be a hypocrite. I'd rather not going that seating in a same table as X,Y and Z. And if not because the dinner was included in my college fees, I won't even go at the first place. This year I'll be seating with Zarif, Keghi and Ayie.

I'm at the faculty's cafe now, checking and sending emails. Just finished the second season of Ghost Whisperer. I had hoped for a better finale. The momentum is gaining well, but the resolution came too fast. But anyhow still excited to check out the third one.

Will be home tonight. Can't wait to watch Weeds on TV.


ChikaDior said...

dinner eat shit.
zaaba is shit.

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