Friday, March 14, 2008


What do you get when you add The Day After Tomorrow, Titanic, Cloverfield and Armageddon together? Well, in case of Flood, which I watched with Gedik last Wednesday, it's a freaking disaster. And not in a good way.

As a fan of mega disaster movie, I was sold to see the movie after watching the trailer on YouTube, and because Vantage Point's showtime was too late. But it turns out nothing like I hope for. The trailer was way better. The character was hard to relate, the plot was crappy, the effects were cheesy as hell. And there's not much disastrous after all. All of the landmarks in London were still intact after being splashed with the The Day After Tomorrow-like splash. Even the seemingly fragile London Eye. Mr Director, when we went to watch disaster movie, we expect one! And we sat on the fourth row from the screen. Like so damn horrible. RM7 wasted. Maybe Duyung or Anak was better.

Even with the crappiness, the cinema was still packed because of the school holiday. School teens are roaming everywhere! Suddenly I felt threatened. It's like watching those immigrant workers on public holiday. It's not fun being a minority.

Update: I just checked online, and it turns out that Flood is originally a 4-hour made-for-TV movie made for a UK TV channel, and how dare they cut it into a 90 minutes movie and release it here. No wonder it's so bad and all the characters weren't strong at all. Are we a junk market?


fievelski rensler said...

bloody f*cking immigrant! hopsss! tercharutz plak!!

Adian said...


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