Saturday, March 08, 2008


Internet connection's kinda sucks these few days. But right after election today, it return to normal.

Coincidence? Hmm...

Let's tune in to TV to find out minute-to-minute results.


Anna K Gustafsson, People Manager said...

thanks for some inspiring writings... you inspire me even further to write on my own blog. You are very welcome.

And btw, who do you vote for in the US election?

And,,, architect.. in what?

Br A

Adian said...

hmm is this real or did spam got more clever now? cause i can't find my writings "inspiring"

anyhow, i prefer obama. but hilary will be fine too. at least they're against bush.

architect in what? hmm in general i suppose.

ChikaDior said...

waa.. apa itu? sipaa itu di atas?

Adian said...

nggak ketahuin

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