Friday, March 28, 2008

Memory Lane

Current soundtrack: Seribu Tahun - Imran Ajmain. Blame Za'ba annual dinner. Got me hooked after that.

I'm home! Finally!

Been spending the last 2 hours browsing through the past 3 years of messages in Friendster inbox. Unfortunately Friendster seemed to delete all my messages before that.

Who knows how much you've changed in just the past 3 years. It felt surreal to see messages I sent and received from those I barely sms to now. I don't even remember those messages. It's like having amnesia and getting to know you life in an hour. It's like being in a time machine and seeing your life timeline. The time when you're sending 5 messages in a week, to the time when you send an occasional smile, to the time when I guess we stopped care each other, because each one now have their own friends now.


fievelski rensler said...

hayyo lagu pondan kepit sora sengau pun bley angau kahh???....*larikkkkkkkkkk

Adian said...

dok aih bukan pasai suara dia no.. lagu tu mmg bes tambah2 lg sound system dectar tu gedebang gedebum...

ko kan xde time die nyanyi tu. actually, suara die pun okla gak. aku ayie ngan pa8 pun xtau tu ori ke miming time mula2 tu. haha

*abisla kembang kalu die bace ni*

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