Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Outta Our Head (Ay Ya Ya)

Current soundtrack: Pagi Yang Gelap (Hujan). Got caught up with this one a little late.

Last Monday when I was doing my laundry I looked at my thousand-times-worn shirts and I think it's time to get some new ones. So yesterday when I heard Sarah, Nisa and Sha (with Arul) planning to go to Mid Valley I was quickly on board. Pa8 and Keghi surprisingly did last minute decision to join us. So off we go waiting for bus at the faculty. Hey, check it out! RapidKL buses got LCD TV now! But they're showing commercials and stuff.

Waitin for bus

Sha, Arul, Pa8 and Keghi went up to watch Step Up 2. I'd like to, after excessive campaigns from Farah, but I have shirts to buy. So, the rest of us headed to Jusco to our respective departments. Usually Jusco was a pain in my ass to search for shirts of my likings. But my lucky star was with me yesterday, managed to grab 2 with a great deal. At least this will sustain me for another couple of months.

We got back together, do some window shopping, Sarah bought a bracelet (with CROSS locket: Church piano music cue. haha) but asked the shop to take the it out. Went to Big Apple to get some donuts. Damn I thought it's a freaking rip-off of JCo. I mean, from the trays, logo, colour scheme to the smell of donuts baking are of JCo. But Gedik told me afterwards that Big Apple (American-based) is the first one. And JCo (Indo-based) copied them back in Indonesia in a more affordable price, hence gaining more popularity now.

Waitin for commuter

So we (me with Sarah and Nisa) return to UKM, and took the Rapid bus after arriving at commuter station. Well, guess what? The bus didn't went into UKM! We took the wrong bus! I didn't even know there's different buses because I just catch anything that comes by - and obviously got lucky everytime. So the bus went around Bangi (thankfully we used the whole day ticket - so it's practically free), and finally we drop back at the commuter station. With hunger stomachs, we decided to have early dinner at the gerai first. Then Pa8 and Keghi arrived. Followed by Arul and Sha. So we had our dinner together and return by UKM bus - the right one this time.

Almost everyone seems to be back to their hometown to vote this weekend. So I guess my lovely cats will see me again tomorrow. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

bongok..boleyh plak salah takpe..korg nih jenis yg nak nek gak public transport nih kan..tak mcm 'org' tuh..memilih..hehehehehehe...

Adian said...

huuu sape ni.. statement berbahaya. haha kitorang memang xkesah, dah biase naik public transport dr dulu. bukan anak hartawan.

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