Friday, April 18, 2008

Congkak, The Scariest Movie. Konon

Last Wednesday...

Realizing that my exam entrance card has lost, I went to the library to search for my returned books 2 weeks ago to find out if I accidentally left it inside one of them. Spent 2 hours lookin. No luck. I was told by others that it will cost me RM15 to get a replacement. Arghh!!

So I went to the Academic Management Department at Chancellory building, ready to fork out whatever price I'm about to pay. Guess what? In less than 3 minutes, I got a new one - for FREE! Arrgghh.. there goes my 2 hours wasted at the library, searching like a fool. Hmm but maybe this is the payment of my effort. Hehe

Last Thursday... (last night)

Went to Pavilion with Farah, Ainul, Gedik and Shah, amidst the excitement to watch this year's "scariest" movie, Congkak, whose trailer alone left us gasping 2 months ago. You know, the movie was accompanied by this warning:

"This movie is not advisable for heart patients and pregnant woman"

And you know what? I think it should be changed into this:

"This movie is not advisable for human with functioned brain"

O M G!!!! I was soooo freaking disappointed with this movie, it made Cuci looks like a Best Picture winner. Yet I felt Cuci wasted my RM11.

Congkak is riding solely on the success of Jangan Pandang Belakang, using the same producer, writer and director. So, naturally, viewers can't help but comparing those two. While Jangan Pandang Belakang is a good flick (I have to cover my face with the freaking popcorn box), this offers nothing than cheap tricks and deafening sound effects, that makes us laughing consistently. It has NOOO plot at all! OK, the plot goes like this - a family went to holiday at the 20-years-abandoned-but-squeaky-clean-air-conditioned -and-flat-screen-tv-equipped house, the daughter discovered a congkak, the daughter possessed, the wife floated, bomoh came, put ghost into the earth, end credit. There you go, I just spoiled the whole movie to you. And don't even make me go into the special effects, which looks like it was made by some practical students using Flash. Believe me, it's THAT bad.

Conclusion: A very rushed work, resulting to a very harsh word from the viewers. Still want to watch it? Believe me, you've been warned.

p/s: At least Shafiz got scared a few times, which at one point I'm pretty concerned he's about to get heart attack. But again, this is Shafiz, who get spooked while watching action movie.


fara-D said...

ok, from MY POV, the story ok la... tp like u've said, NO PLOT at all.. i wonder, suda byk dipotongkah itu cerita? adik aku kata citer tuh best & seram! *sigh!* apa punya adik la... sunggoh tasteless! LOL!
seriously, throughout the movie, i was like blank and blur and forever tried to figure out wat actually am i watching! adeih!!

Chika Chika said...

begitu kah kahkahkahkah

Adian said...

letupkan adik ko sat.


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