Friday, May 23, 2008

A Library You Can't Borrow The Book From

Al-Kisahnya I went to National Library with Farah and Ainul yesterday to find some reading material to assist us with for the topical studies. Due to some miscommunication, we took an hour to reach there. Hehe. OKla, sampai-sampai, register sume, kene RM1.30.

We began searching through the computer system, and unlike our dearly beloved PTSL Library which is undergoing renovation right now, the categorization for the books is pretty much a head-spinner.

Sambil search tu, Ainul told me to ask the librarian the maximum number of books we could borrow.

"Kak, maksimum sini boleh pinjam berapa buku?"
"Oh, kat sini tak boleh pinjam buku"

Ainul asked me to clarify the matter, because we are indeed in the magazine/official document area, of course those are for reading only. So we understood if the librarian might be confused by the question.

I asked again. Same answer.

Laa... xbleh pinjam buku ke kat sini?

*Lari balik*

On the way to our parked cars at the nearby Bernama office, the journalist-newscaster from Bernama asked Farah if we're going out (he needed a parking lot). Farah terkesima seketika. Aduhai...


fara-D said...

*masih terkesima*

wah! thanks for the link!! *wink!*

tp, sean ghazi lagi hots lah u!kakaka!

Chika Chika said...

wah adian!
siap trace blog beliau.
farah meroyan gila.
letey ja aku dengar dia meroyan.
apalagik farah.
pi la ngorat dia kat blog

Adian said...

farah bighoh!

fara-D said...

takpe...tak berminat nak ngorat orang tu... adian, trace la blog sean ghazi! hahaha!!!*dush!*

fara-D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adian said...

cam xde je blog die..

Chika Chika said...

buat apa nak blog si sean ghazi. adian kan ada. ngahahaha. gelakkan farah!

Adian said...

motif sgt!

fara-D said...

bengong la nurul!

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