Thursday, May 01, 2008

Movies Roundup

2 down, one to go. My next paper (Keusahawanan Senibina) will take place next Wednesday , which will be my LAST PAPER in UKM (reminisce 3 minit). But fret not! I'll be here for all year long, and godwilling, will be accompanied by rakan download paling produktif - Shah, who had sent his application for the 4th year next semester.

The upcoming schedule looks pretty tight for us, we'll be departing to Johor on May 11th, after the exam ended on May 7th. So that means we'll have to check out from the college on May 8th and re-check in for the third semester on May 10th. After returning from Johor, we'll resume the third semester for another 2 months.

So, it's time again to review the movies I've watched during last couple of months.

Alfie (***)

The story revolves around the title's character, a modern day Casanova, who's trying to juggle his romance life in the real world. The charming Jude Law solidifies the role relentlessly, he makes it look like he's not acting. Although womanizers don't really fall into our "heroes" category, he's able to bring our empathy into his search for true happiness.

The Forbidden Kingdom (***1/2)

I entered the cinema without high expectation because we're not originally came to see this. But boy, I was pretty surprised at the end. I think the main strength of Forbidden Kingdom (the first martial art action flick to open at no 1 in US, I think) is that it's doesn't take itself too seriously a-la other martial art movies like The Myth or Fearless. It has a nice blend of comedy and seriousness, and knows which time to focus on which one. Jackie Chan and Jet Li is fine as usual, and there's Michael Angarano, who exudes the Shia-LeBouf like potential.

I Am Sam (***1/2)

Been waiting to watch this critically acclaimed 2001 movie. The time when Michelle Pfeiffer at her prime (she seems a little old in last year's Hairspray). Well, she was in fact voted as the most beautiful woman of the 1990s. As expected, this is one of those heartwarming movie, with several tear-demanding scenes, which I fail to do so. Hmm... I guess I expected more. Sean Penn pulls off perfectly as autismic dad, but the real deal is Dakota Fanning (I guess this is her first big role) - she's f*ckingly superb here.

In the Shadow of the Moon (***)

This documentary follows behind the scene as the world watching the first human walking on moon. I think one of the reason is to prove the cynics - who claimed that the whole affair was staged, wrong. Well, I don't know.

In the Valley of Elah (***)

One of the anti-war movies, the movie follows the father who seek justice for the mysterious death of his soldier son. While the mystery was eventually unfolded "anti-climatically", it brought the much bigger question to ponder upon - what has the war turned the soldier into? Nevertheless, the main message is clear - war is bad, no matter what.

Juno (***1/2)

The most buzzed among this year Oscar's Best Picture contenders, Juno explores a simple but complex issue of teenage pregnancy, but tackles it with humor and charm, and a little drama along the way. But overall, the flick is as sweet as a box of well-prepared caramel popcorn. Jennifer Garner gives a commendable performance as a Bree-wannabe housewife.

Michael Clayton (***)

90% of the movie depends on George Clooney performance, ergo earning him Best Actor nomination in this year's Oscar. Overall, this "corporate scandal and corruption" movie is very slow in it's first half (which requires me multiple viewing as I always end up sleeping), but slowly building it's pace towards the end.

Nancy Drew (***)

The modern day adaptation of the infamous mystery-solver character written by Carolyn Keene told the story about Nancy Drew in her endless quest of "sleuthing" around mystery, evidence... you know the rest. Pretty fun.

Over Her Dead Body (***)

As a fan of rom-com and Eva, I can't say no to this. And it's pretty good, despite it's cliche-ridden plot and totally predictable. Eva pulls off her usual "Gaby"-ness character here.

Street Kings (**1/2)

Originally planning for Nim's Island, but because of scheduling conflict, we resort to this. From the writer of L.A. Confidential, the movie revolves around Keanu Reeves, a bad cop who enjoys taking matter into his own hand, until he discovers that the institution is far bad-der than he thought. The plot was generally OK, but something was amiss. I fell asleep for a couple of minutes during the action scenes. Maybe I was sleepy, but I think the movie doesn't really pulls it off.

The Departed (****)

And this is how you make a bad-ass cop movie. I've been waiting to watch it since it won last year's Best Picture Oscar - and which I think it deserved. Action-filled, without sacrificing the ol' formula of a good plot - twists and turns, with the help of A-stars lineup - Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Dustin Hoffman, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin (though I still can't stop of thinking him as Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock), the 2 hour 30 mins of the movie is almost unfelt due to it's high-paced plot.

The Mist (****)

One of the best horror movies I've seen, The Mist is adapted from Stephen King short story. The movie is about a group of people stranded in local supermarket when a mysterious mist blanketing the area. The movie does not only deal with the horror factor of the external creature, but also tackle the human aspect as well, which, in this situation, is more dangerous than the creature itself because you will do the unthinkable when you're in fear.


fara-D said...

antara semua ini....ada yg berbentuk dvd kepunyaan anda? kalo ye, pinjam mau...hehehehe! boley?

Adian said...

oho.. sumenye softcopy.

fara-D said...

aaa! bagos! nak nnt!! :D

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