Saturday, May 03, 2008


Daym... if I could jump to my bed right now. Well, actually I can, except I'm home right now, which means every second should not being wasted without downloading something.

I had flu today (biasela pas main2 ngan kucing) so I took my dad's medication just before watching AIM hours ago - which I wish I didn't. OMG the lame show got 10 times lamer when you're trying hard to be awake. OK, Faizal and Siti were among the multiple winners tonight. I got nothing to complaint about the results, because I was far far far more distracted by the EXTREMELY POOR technical aspect. The camerawork was at times shaky, the controlling room was clearly having a tough time selecting what to show on TV, sometimes showing awkward scenes. The front "panoramic" camera at the stage during performances was frankly the stupidest thing all night.

The stage design was crap crap crap! AIM used to have a nice set (example in 1999), but ever since NTV7 took it over in 2001 (I think), everything went downhill. The big, fat, square screen with massive border should not be put in the middle - it looks like a picture frame in a giant's castle. I know, it might look nice in the designer's imagination, or maybe even nice when you're watching from PWTC itself, but on TV it looks sooo cheap.

Afdlin and Adibah were OK as host - thank God they get rid of that annoying Bob Lokman this year, but the other award presenters were just beyond help. They had no script prepared for them by brilliant comedy writers like in US award shows, so they went right to "kami di sini untuk menyampaikan anugerah bagi kategori xxx dan calon2nya adalah", or worse, blabbering on what they thought as funny but actually wasn't.

(Die in shame)


Anonymous said...

ntv7 had nothing to do with the stage setup, as they were just/always have been, the broadcast partner.
thanks for your comments on the camerawork, will take that into account.

Adian said...

thx for reading my 2cents! i'm a fan of award shows since forever and i think it's time for malaysian award shows to move up their standards.

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