Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Battle of the Finales

With Lost ending it's fourth season last Friday, my 07-08 TV season is officially closing it's curtain. So, here's my comments on each.

30 Rock - Cooter (May 8)
The first one to say goodbye this season, 30 Rock ended with Liz Lemon getting a pregnancy scare, Jack's getting used to the crazy job environment in Homeland Security, Tracy finally finishing his "porn-game" invention, and Kenneth fighting through his application to work at Beijing Olympics. Well, the final scene left me going "what?", not in a good way but rather confusing.

Samantha Who? - The Birthday (May 12)
I was hoping the first season will end with something big, like Samantha discover the truth about her accident that put her into the coma at the first place, or something like that. But it chose to end with her "first" birthday as a new person. Sweet. And I will definitely be on board for the next season.

The Office - Goodbye, Toby (May 15)
Closing the fourth season with a 1-hour finale, the Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch bid adieu to their HR officer, Toby with a grand farewell party thanks to Phyllis. While Michael's get busy with the new replacement HR, Jan turned out... pregant! Andy proposed to Angela, which makes Jim delaying his proposal to Pam, and the final 5 second shows Angela making out with... Dwight! Well, not really surprising, but considering how pious and preachy she is, so.. it's kinda surprising.

Ghost Whisperer - Pater Familias (May 16)
Thanks to the superb internet connection at the faculty and the now defunct Get-Mu.com, I was able to download the whole third season in a couple of days, just in time for the finale. Well, after 2 dramatic-catastrophic season finales, I assumed that it will follow the path of the previous predecessors. But no, it just revealed the truth about Melinda's birth father. Hmm.. not that I really care. But Jennifer Love Hewitt is the hottest chick currently on TV, so I'll follow next season.

Desperate Housewives - The Gun Song/Free (May 18)
Everybody's tuning in - partly to find out what the hell exactly is Katharine's big-mega secret (which was fine, but the fact that "replacement" Dylan actually came from some Romanian orphanage is not really a good explanation), but largely, and definitely - to get the 5-minute peek-a-boo at the mega-hyped "5 Years Later". OMG - one of the riskiest move ever in recent TV history. Will this move benefit the show, or actually kill it? September can't come fast enough for me.

How I Met Your Mother
- Miracles (May 19)
I love the episode opening. The slo-mo sequence with a great tune by Radiohead. Barney's starting to realize that Robin might mean more to him than just a friend. How will he juggle his one-night-stand nature and his human nature next season? Lust or love? Hmm... interesting. Anyway, it ended with Ted proposing to Stella. But honestly, I don't think she's the mother.

Ugly Betty
- Jump (May 22)
In the second season ender which somehow turned into Madonna's new album advertising machine with every soundtrack is coming from her latest CD (except for the title track, Jump), Wilhelmina finally taking over Mode, Daniel's left with a son, and Betty finally choosing to go with... THE END! Henry or Gio?Damn, we'll have to wait until next season. And the heavily hyped Lindsay Lohan cameo only last like what, 2 minutes? She's better be there for next season too.

Lost - There's No Place Like Home (May 29)
Lost lost lost lost lost... When it comes to finale, nothing beats this monster. This 3-hour event (spreading across 2 weeks) finally complete it's season-long flash forward circle. So, if I'm correct, season 5 will start 3 years after the oceanic six return home. Whoa... I can only imagine what will happen at the now "missing" island in such a long time frame. For god's sake, the time frame for the whole season 1 to 4 is less than a year (from the time the plane crash until the oceanic six got home). And Locke (or Jeremy Statham) is (or will be) dead? So, if he'll return next year, the story's must be told in flashbacks, or the island might "resurrect" him? Damn I can't wait!!!!

Well, that's it! The freaking writer's strike pretty much affected the number of episodes produced, but it's better than nothing right? All in all, it's been a pretty good season, with a few surprises here and there, from Wisteria Lane's tornado to Victoria Beckham as maid of honor in Wilhelmina-Bradford wedding, from "Gene Simmons is My Daddy" to "Sandcastle in the Sand". And I'll certainly be waiting for next fall to come. And now it's 13 days until the fourth season of Weeds starts!


Chika Chika said...

nak the office =D

Adian said...

kat fara

Chika Chika said...

ada ka?
hu ha hu ha!

okes okes

Adian said...

copy je. kalu pinjam nnt thn depan plak br aku dpt. hehe

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