Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was just in time (6 minutes to be precise) before completing my over 4 hours download time of 2 episodes of Nip/Tuck when suddenly I log on to UKM's SMPWEB site (for no apparent reason actually, because I still can't check my result due to the outstanding balance left in my student account) and there's some problem while loading the freaking JAVA crap, and... my browser's NOT RESPONDING!

My download's 97% just went into thin air.

F. U. C. K. (I think this is the first time ever this word is written here. Yes I am that pissed)

Now I have to start all over again. Alone at the studio. 8pm when I'm supposed to be at room already continuing on my thesis.

Well, this is one of the downside of being everybody's favourite TV-series downloader-supplier. It actually take a pretty huge toll when you start doing this. It's like addiction. You'll spend and dedicate countless hours on it when deep inside yourself, you know you have to concentrate on other much, much more important stuff (design, assignments, etc). But this is what you love to do. This is your passion. And once you downloaded an episode, there's never an end until you covered the whole 22/13 episodes of the season. And the next season. And the next season.

And for other people who's actually doing that important stuff (design, assignments, etc) to just simply ask "ade crite baru download?" and took a mere couple of minutes to copy my hours and hours of downloaded stuff is like taking my own baby. Honestly. I hate to complaint, but I hate to pretend that it's OK too. Being the faculty/studio's penunggu in the wee hours is not exactly my proud moment.

Never in my true intention to mengungkit or anything. But these "incidents" like losing my downloads halfway through (which happened so many many times before) just triggered that anger switch in my brain. Sigh. Maybe in the next 60 seconds I would have felt that this is utter rubbish and I'm being selfish so I will stop now. Publish.


fievelskirensler said...

hayyooo...takut sat...akukah ittew? hayyooo....reason yang lebey kurang sama yang membuatkan aku tulis yg merepeks carutz kat minah dua ekor thanks 2 my carutan. my other frens pun cam puas ati coz, barulah ak prasan, dorang yg len pun x brapa suka ngan attitude minah 'i only listen to jazz n stuff coz i'm sophisticated'..2

Adian said...


fara-D said...

wah! aku antara manusia yang salu mintak cte kat ko...huhu.... jangan la kemut ngan i u...hehe... kte saling berkepentingan kaaaan....hehehehe....takpe la...pasni aku tak mintak ko da...sian ko kena tunggu dload lama2.... tapi kalo ko nak dload Heroes seterusnya, ajak aku jd co-penunggu, sbb aku mau HEROES! kekekeke

Adian said...

wohoo jangan salah anggap korang, tulisan itu hanya general ketika sedang bengang je. fara, i'll never ever forget how freaking big i've owe you (n ur car. hiks) all this while. malangnye org yang this tulisan meant to tidak membaca blog ini.

(aku pun same pegi reply hehehe tu, abisla spekulasi)

fara-D said...

aku tak berkira ngan org yg tak berkira!wah!statement panas!kekeke

Adian said...

yeah, susu dibalas susu, tuba dibalas tuba yach!

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