Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hangin' There

Well, several studiomates are emptying up their lockers in the studio right now. Well, the batch below us will move in to the studio, so thank god I don't have to move my stuff. Wee. I can grab the best spot, which of course the one near the LAN cable. Of course it felt pretty hard to figure that this phase is over and it's time to move on to the new phase next semester. Surely I'll miss (some) of them, but seriously since the studio stopped it's 24-hour run last semester, the joy of studio life is already diminished. Who can forget the time where everybody's with their PCs and notebooks at the freaking midnight and early hours, tapau to the guys who went to maple and all. Life is pure joy and the tension is almost unfelt. How I miss those moments.


Chika Chika said...

kau la ni adian!
semalam hantar sms kat farah cakap sedih 5 minit bagai. pas ko msg tu, aku ngan farah buat sesi merambu air mata. ishk.

sedih gila weyhhh

Adian said...

yela. xsedih hati batu la tu.

aisyah said...

menitik aku baca entry ciput ni. cis, apakah. walaupon aku ada 4 bulan je lagi kat ukm nanti..dan masih boleh jumpa kau..farah.. tapi pastu.. ya Allah..mana korg?

fara-D said...

ala......korg jgn la wat scene kt sini weh...kang aku sambung tdo lagik kang, makin bulat aku yg bulat ni weh!!!!

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