Sunday, July 06, 2008

Just My 2 Cents

Lately there's been a lot of happenings in this country. A LOT. Unless you're living in some remote areas in the jungle (not concrete jungle), u must know what I'm talking about. Reading the headlines day by day, it seems like our country is walking on thin rope, on the verge of being disunited, god forbid.

I'm not taking any sides, as usual, because nowadays u can never be sure, which side to take. I just thought, that if I am being "dehumiliated" with some enormous yet "baseless" and "fabricated" slander, the only thing I want to do as a Muslim innocent is heading to Masjid Negara or any of five state mosques (Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz, Shah Alam; Masjid Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh; Masjid Zahir, Alor Setar; Masjid Negeri Pulau Pinang or Masjid Al-Muhammadiah, Kota Bahru) and do a completely "live telecast" of my swore of innocence upon Allah while holding the holy Quran and mimbar and being watched by as many of ulama, journalists and TV cameras I can got.

And then if I'm still alive, not struck by lightning, heart attack or anything, that must prove my innocence right? And at the same time garnering a whole lot of publicity, and no matter what happen in court, this Islam-majority nation will believe in you right?

Well, seems like some people really believe in Turkish Embassies more than mosques.



aisyah said...

completely agree.
pas ni klu kau terjadi politican atau terjerumus ke dlm lembah skandal, bleh la buat spt yg dinyatakan ye. hehe.

Adian said...

hehe. harap2 xlame lagi ade siaran langsung lah ye.

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