Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Movie Updates

It's time again for another edition of movie reviews I've watched for the last couple of weeks.

27 Dresses (***)

Katharine Heigl proved she's capable of opening a movie and Knocked Up wasn't her accidental one-time hit. Well, despite the hype, I found the movie to be just OK, and the fact that is was penned by the screenwriters of my personal favourite The Devil Wears Prada doesn't do much to save the movie from falling into the usual rom-com template. I still prefer last year's Music & Lyrics.

Blonde and Blonder (**)

I know, I know I lost 10 IQ points just by watching this movie. Well, what do you expect for a movie that "starred" Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards as two freaking bimbos. But at least I was widely aware that this movie is stupid, and the movie knows it better by not pretending to be other than that. And that being said, I actually enjoy the movie... maybe more than last year Oscar's Best Picture nominee Michael Clayton (my IQ just dropped another 15 points)

Charlie Bartlett (***1/2)

There's something about the movie that I just love. Maybe the positive can-do-all attitude of the main character Charlie as attention craving wealthy kid that always went off-course while trying to fit in with the school community. I thought the girl was Haylie Duff at first, but she's better. And Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. also stars.

Dan in Real Life (***1/2)

A heartwarming story about Dan, a single dad of three who thought he met his new soulmate... only to find out that she is his brother's girlfriend. So, family or feelings? What I like most about this movie is the family's extreme closeness portrayed by Dan's big family, it's almost scary. Does any family still practice that?

Evan Almighty (***1/2)

Now I know why this was lauded as the most expensive comedy movie ever - cost almost $200mil to made. Just watch the final 20 mins. The flood FX sequence is whoa! Aside from that, this movie single handedly depended on Steve Carell - which thankfully, save the movie from drowning with the flood.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull (***1/2)

The movie was tailored for summer audience. Packed with cutthroat action sequences, the real scene stealer here was Cate Blanchett who played the kick-ass Russian baddie chief. Just wow. Shia LeBouf was a welcome addition to continue the Jones saga in the future.

Shutter (Thai Version) (**1/2)

I've been loooonging to watch this since matrix when I missed the movie's showing at the dewan kuliah and my friend came out raaaving about the freaking scariness that is the movie. So I turned all light off that night when I finally watched this to get that horror mood. OMG this is NOT scary AT ALL! I dare say Jangan Pandang Belakang is like 5 times scarier. But of course this is better than Congkak lah. That's for sure. And the much talked about "ghost showing at car" scene was duh...

Shutter (English Version) (**)

If I thought I've seen the worst, I was totally wrong. The remake is sooooo much worse. Prime mistake - Joshua Jackson. He's soooo unlikable in his character. At least Tun (the male lead) in the original Shutter has symphatetic good-guy face that you wanna fell pity for when he was constantly haunted by the ghost. But I don't fell a thing for Joshua here, with his "I don't have time for this stupid ghost thing" ego face. I don't care if he's dead! The only good thing was Rachael Taylor, who tried hard to make the best of her character, but to no use. And I can almost imagine the conversation that might take place in the writer's room:

-Okay, so it's impossible to get a scary white Caucasian ghost.
-Yes, it's not as scary as pale white, long haired, Asian ghost.
-So, I think we should make the ghost originate from Asian countries.
-Yes, I agree. We move the settings to Japan.

Something's Gotta Give (***1/2)

As you would expect from a Nancy Myers movie like The Holiday, Something's Gotta Give exudes that same charm and romantic ambience. Who says a romantic comedy about 60 year old couple can't sell? Of course a little Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet don't hurt.

Transformers (***)

A pure explosive-packed made-for-summer action flick, I think I love Die Hard 4.0 more.

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (***)

While the first movie was an enjoyable roller coaster of action, the second one starts awkwardly and some of the action seems very "written" (Benjamin breaking into his own house? Oh please. The shooting car chase across London. The baddie obviously don't want to hurt Ben and gang. Why don't just shoot the tires for God's sake. Was it really necessary to cause a huge scene with the big truck and all?), but thanks for Helen Mirren who commands attention everytime she's in the picture, and semi-smart puzzles and clues, there's still some enjoyment left to be treasured.


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