Monday, August 11, 2008

Festivus Survivus

Come on, come on, come on,
Let's stand up.
Come on, come on, come on,
(hmm xingat dah)

Afterall, the Fest'Sena V - Sur5vor camp last weekend at FRIM was a pretty smooth event. Actually, that's an understatement. We had a great time there. Amidst the hectic design project, we managed to enjoy ourselves and escape from it for a weekends. Well, almost.

The camp actually started on Friday morning. But I was so tired the night before (after tracing the siteplan on CAD) that I decided to go on Saturday with Zaid. Luckily Farah was brilliant enough to suggest the alternative - go with her car with A'ai on Friday evening after A'ai finished her working hours. So on 6pm Friday, we (plus Kak Aida) departed from UKM and swished our way through the traffic until we reached FRIM at maghrib (thanks Wikimapia). The first and second year students were there, and half of third years.

(Based on the slideshow I saw, the events held earlier that day were sukaneka and food decorating competition, which looks pretty fun.)

Kem Perah (what's behind the name, I have noo idea), which is where we stay is located deep inside FRIM, BUT accessible by all means of transport, unlike the horrifying Hutan Lipur Ayer Keroh which needed you to walk a mile away from carpark to the campsite. AND the toilet was faculty-standard (the only downside is the absence of mirror), the campfire pit itself was nicely designed, with almost arena-like seating, making it perfect for projector screen and stage backdrop.

After dinner, maghrib and isya', we gathered around the campfire, and had a introductory session with the first year students (but only 6 of them, which is not pretty fair for the other 7), and we were grouped under those 6, which leads us to the next activity - Night Walk. Yes. Night Walk. In the jungle. OK, first we had a not-so-brief session by the tour guides (thankfully I brought shoes, those who didn't weren't allowed to come along, which resulting in A'ai, Syazwan, Ainul, Izuan and some others forced to stay at the camp watching movies on projector), and off we go... The first leg of the tour is not so exciting, because we can still clearly see the nearby road lights, and we were afraid that this is the "night walk". How wrong... Suddenly we enter the bushes and it's total darkness! Thankfully my temporary cheap phone got a little flashlight. We go down and down and down, saw some fireflies, went along a water stream, and up, up, and up, and up, and up! At one point it was so steep that we required to hold on to the rope to climb up. Luckily we all sur5ed. Back at the camp, sambung tengok Wanted, then zzz...

Next morning, more third year students came and we started off with "Canopy Walk". Again, we climb and climb and climb and freaking climb, like tangga bukit belakang Za'ba times 20. Some terkandas di tengah bukit. Well, thanks to tangga Za'ba yang ku daki saban hari itu, I was the first to arrive at the top! (For participants la, as organizers dah sampai awal2). Then we went through the "canopy walk" - a hanging bridge. The view towards KL was great from there though it's a little hazy that day.

Kumpul dulu

Then we went downhill (by now, the Chinese fourth year arrived), gathered and immediately the Survival Run starts! Holy God! We were just recovering from exhaustion then. So my group (consists of Guan, Alyaa and two first year students. Jeeta was reportedly demam and Ah Tong still at the canopy walk) decided to have lunch first. After lunch, we went from a checkpoint to the other, with a distance of Kejut - Za'ba - KIY - FUU - FPen. Luckily it's not hilly and the whole area was surrounded by trees so it's not hot enough to earn my complaint.

AJK makanan menanti

Lunch on the bridge lah konsepnya...

Syefiq yang jarang-jarang kedengaran suaranya ini menanti di checkpoint

Kumpulan Farah

Kumpulan Beh mendengar task di checkpoint

Sansit sedang baca soalan
The ending line was at the waterfall, and after that aktiviti bebas until later that day. And Zaid, Hafiz and Fadhil arrived. Also the rest of third year's. The waterfall's not so deep so xsyok nak mandi, BUT it has lots of fish that were used in those expensive fish spas yang gigit2 kaki orang tu. So apelagi, sume rendam kaki jela haha... geli gilaaaa ikan tu gigit!!! After that we played volleyball (walaupun dah 3 tahun tak pegang bola itu since matrix) (And btw, Lay Ming and Yeng Luey also arrived) until petang itu.

My eyes!!

That night, sesi BBQ pun bermulalah. And the lecturers came one by one, with their spouses and childrens. And the seniors and super seniors and super super seniors. Prof Fauzi as the vice-dean officiated the opening and we start eating, while treating ourselves with the multimedia show from each studios. Then come the batch performance. The first year did their rendition of Mentera Semerah Padi, we (third year) did a mix of nasyid, pop indo and a marvellous CHICKEN DANCE closing, and fourth year did an "orchestrated" performance of this year's Fest'Sena theme song. We were so ecstatic by then.

The stage

Puan Akmal tunjuk skill

Prof Fauzi officiating

Dino (xpakai glasses sampai Zaid xkenal) + Kak Jaja

1st year

3rd year

4th year
Then came the award presentation, double congratulations to Farah who grabbed multiple awards for Most Sporting and Most Popular (Female). Best Studio went to first year, Best Video to third year, Best Performance to fourth year, Best Performer to Wady (third year), Most Dedicated to Syazwan (third year), Most Popular (Male) to Nabil (second year) and lastly, Best Candid to my snap of Soo Yung earlier that day. Haha... My group also won for food decoration and Ainul's group for survival run. Congrats to all!

The winning picture. Hehe
Then we go home... (Motif abrupt ending) Haha, thanks to the second year for a successful turnout this year. See you again next year! (which hopefully by then I've graduated and pursuing my Masters already)

Huhu it's been a longtime since I last do the photo filled post. With 22 pictures, I wrap this entry.


Chika Chika said...

saya cemburu . buta.

gambar anda terlalu kecik.

fara-D said...

wat a blast! sangat enjoy!!

smooth sehinggakan kekurangan event berjaya ditutupi. adoi, how i wished kenkawan satu batch ngan kiter turut menyertai nye, pasti riuh! huhu

Adian said...

maaf saya bukan fotopages. hehe. xtaula kot2 fara mau update ratusan gamba ke fotopagesnya kan. hahaha...

fara-D said...

oh.tak kuasa nak mengupdate beratus ribu gambo tu. hr tu bleh la, kerjaan takde sgt. huks

Stone said...

Ada gambak saya leh... hehe, nice pic nice pic :P

Adian said...

hehe thx

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