Sunday, August 31, 2008


How time flies. Been 10 days since I post my last entry, and tomorrow we'll begin fasting (alamak xready lagi hehe). Hmm.. no mood la.. bukak blogspot je idea hilang. kan best kalau boleh post dari sms je. Sebelum tido pun boleh conteng2 jap. OK, so what happen for the last 10 days?

Last week we (all of JSB) had a gotong royong due to the incoming accreditation visit from PAM. Or is it CAEM? Hmm.. whatever it is, so we had to arrange all of our previous works, sorting through batch. Archinature/Kaki_Arki is the batch to be assessed, so we collect all of their damaged models and uncompleted panels and put it to JSB "resource centre" (but renovation is underway), previously Archi4orce studio. Only Ai and Shiken (from Archinature batch) managed to present that day (others are busy bekerjaya dan ber...duduk rumah hehe) but thankfully the RA's and 4th year students (previously Archinature batch too) were here and very helpful.

The whole event last until night! Penuh kereta A'ai membeli 70 nasi ayam for the dinner that night. Tu pun ramai dah lari so dapatla kitorang membedal sorang 2 bungkus (not me ok!). By the end, I'm totally and completely fried...

Last week I returned home, Chiki's totally preggerzz! Aww... so cute. (and so gatal, kecik2 lagi dah bunting!) but lupa nk amik gamba la. Average cat pregnancy took 65 days or so (source), and we can't wait to see the kittens! Pastu cepat2 mandulkan dia hahaa... we're not prepared to be Rumah As-Sakinah untuk anak-anak luar nikah. hehehe.

This semester's been a pretty easy for me (in terms of time management! not design la) or anybody who's taking only 6 credit hours a semester. I hope I can use the time wisely to spend on reading lots and lots of topics regarding sustainability and housing (2 tough fields) (tapi download ebook banyak2 xbaca pun lagi. hehe) And spending more time in studio definitely has helped me getting to know my new studiomates better. And they seem to respect me, or at least accepting me as one of their own. It's funny what you saw as an outsider and when you're actually inside it. Lots of pre-judgement are vanishing into thin air. Wind of change is very welcomed, especially after 3 years of same faces. But the RA's, Fara, Alias, Nisa and the gang and the 4th years always help me retain those 3 year memory. In conclusion: I'm settled and happy.

Internet connection is blazingly fast these days, anything below 100kb/sec is considered "low". omg tamak haloba betul. Haha so sape yang tension internet lambat tu bolela dtg tumpang wireless sini. Tapi malam la. Siang xlaju sgt. Haha abisla pasni fac limitkan speed balik.

Courtesy of Fara with her 4 complementary cinema tickets, we (with Ainul and Mas) went to TGV Cheras Selatan to catch Mummy 3 last Friday. At first we thought it's redeemable for all movies (we planned to watch Wall-E), but it turns out that it's only for movies distributed by UIP, which at the moment, Death Race and Mummy 3. So we went for a 12.45am showing (the only left - the late-st I've ever went for) and ended around 2.30am.

Eh, forgot. Happy Independence Day Malaysia! Though I'm pretty sad about the lack of Merdeka spirit this year, in terms of flag display and decorations, unlike the previous years. I don't know what's wrong. Yes I know, decoration semata2 kalau tak menghayati xguna juga but ade ke orang yang duduk bermuhasabah kat umah menghayati kemerdekaan? We Malaysians really depend on "celebratory" aspects to induce our little brain to think. As hot as our political scene right now, it doesn't give the excuse to forgot about a little thing called "independence" because without it, we're freaking nothing. I hope there'll be flags everywhere again for next year.

(Just finished sending about 100 e-cards thru Friendster. I love doing ecard design. Thanks to this year's Ramadan that fall closely after Independence, jadila design camni. Haha. The flag and mosque gambar asing2 sebenarnya. I hope it's not that obvious.)

I'm at the faculty now. It's raining this evening. Nampak ke anak bulan? Eh, bile tengok anak bulan ek? Jadi ke esok puasa? Kalau jadi malam ni terawih la kan. Alamak nak balik kolej ke x ni. Anyhoo, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa to all readers.


aisyah said...

ah, kucing kamu da bunting!! haha. nanti dah bersalin nak tgk gmbr anak2 mereka. wah, kau da nak jadi datuk. tahniah!

gambar tu x obvious sgt. aku siap bleh sangka 'bila pulak ada jalur gemilang kat tepi masjid ni? haha. bijak, bijak.

Adian said...

hehe. k nnt die branak aku wat live coverage. haha...

Chika Chika said...

selamat berpuasa!

Adian said...

slamat! slamat!

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