Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two, Done!

We've just had our presentation-assessment session this morning though the boards were already pinned up at the atrium since Monday, cause Puan Akmal wanted a sort of exhibition showcasing about the UKM Kampus Lestari 2020. God, I am sleepy. Slept for three hours last night. Thankfully studio is opened 24hrs this few days, thanks to the first years who asked for it for their project. Been design-free last semester, I have difficulties to stay overnight like I used to, hmm maybe I will "regain" my "superpower" for the next project. Haha. Truly, I really miss struggling against deadline, printing boards and making model. We were required to do 2 models for this small project, a 1:200 site model and a.. hold for it... 1:25 detail model. 1:25! I never done model this big before. Or this tall.

Row 1 (the row of death, if I may say so hehe) with Puan Akmal, pictured here is Sarah

Row 2 (including me) with Puan Mumtazah, pictured here is Pei Ping

Row 3 with Cik Norhaslina, pictured here is Afiq


My presentation went smoothly, thankfully.

Oh how could I forgot. Archinature batch graduated already last week! Congratulations!!! Due to their unexpected early ending session, me and Farah missed all the usual hoopla, but thankfully Ainul, Gedik, San Sit, Arul, Lay Ming, TY, and some others were still there at 12pm, and I'm saved from meeting certain feces faces.

Addressing my entry the other day, orang lain yang disuruh, orang lain pulak yang buat. Hmm... this is certainly not helping if you're that innocent. "Why" is just beyond me. Some people choose to hold on to their grasp of belief, pretending that they "know" eveything. Trust me, nothing is what they seem, so please, save yourselves a dignity. Just pray so that He will shine the truth upon us all.


Stone said...

Congrat!!! I miss your presentation but the models and presentation boards are nice.

Adian said...

thx, bday boy!

Chika Chika said...

pasal ur 2 cents entry tu, cuba ko baca banyak-banyak pasal procedure membuat sumpah. its not as easy as what we're thinking. Kesan dia bukan ke atas individu. Kesan dia ke atas seluruh umat manusia.

err. Wallahualam.
(nak tulis banyak-banyak. tapi nvm)

Adian said...

sumpah tipu memangla kesan.

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