Tuesday, September 23, 2008

31 going on 30. Perhaps 29?

A couple of weeks ago, precisely on the terlewat-sampai-ke-pawagam-lalu-terlepas-Dark-Knight day, I strolled around Mid Valley to look for jeans, thanks to the still-ongoing-megasale at that time. Checked the price, then dengan penuh keyakinannya brought the size 30 into the fitting room. Yes, all of my most comfortable jeans are sized 31 (which, according to OK! magazine I browsed through at MPH Alamanda yesterday, makes me a same size with Kelly Clarkson hahaha) but wearing them always required me to buckle my belt on, so I secretly assumed myself as a size 30. I put on the size 30 jeans in the fitting room, and... damn! The day ended with me buying a size 31.

Few weeks later mom called and told that she bought me a size 30 jeans. "La.. 30 xmuat la, aritu dah try xleh." So, having me return home now, I am scheduled to return the jeans back for a size change. Nevertheless, I still give a try. Holy, it fits PERFECTLY! (Although I just broke my fast hours ago). Hahaha... And I try my pengawas sekolah-era trousers, sized 29, and it FITS too! (Although a bit tight - but before, I couldn't even get the zip to go halfway up!)

Wow. Does this mean that the no-rice-during-berbuka policy I'm implementing this year actually worked? I might just continue fasting for the next couple of months then!

Emmy news. 30 Rock did it again!!! The show picked up its second consecutive Best Comedy award this morning, while Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey claimed Best Lead Actor and Actress (Comedy) respectively. My favourite Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) both lost to Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and Jean Smart (Samantha Who?) in the supporting category.


fara-D said...

yeeha!!way to go adian!! jom sambung lagi after dis~!

(isk. kat rumah kalo ssh nak control la ...:P )

Adian said...

tau xpe... berbuka smlm dh kene paksa makan nasi daging (bukan dagang), jom puasa lagi...

Chika Chika said...

wah. nak jugak.
wah wah wah

Adian said...

let's trim trim trim and slim slim slim

Anonymous said...

what kind of men undergo dieting?

Adian said...

men that don't possess a fortune enough to replace his wardrobe to match his new waist size.

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