Thursday, September 04, 2008


Google just released it's own browser, named Chrome yesterday (still in BETA). I downloaded it, and it's pretty great! As everything Google, this is a very clean-looking browser, comes with tabs (of course), and feels very light. The best feature however, is that every tab operated on it's own (I forgot the techie explanation for this), so when one tab 'crashes', it won't bring down the whole browser with it. Which is AWESOME to avoid situation like this from happening ever again. I think I was sold by this feature alone! And it's been a smooth transition from Firefox, as Chrome could easily import all your histories, saved passwords, bookmarks and all that stuff from Firefox. Apatah lagi sejak upgrade ke Firefox 3 ni cam makin lembab plak rasenye.

Hmm... yesterday was an exhausting fast. Blame it on Sudan! Haha... actually the students from University of Khartoum came again this year, for a third time, after 2005 and 2006. So as usual kene bawak2 round studio and stuff, and we brought them to Rumah Tengku Bongsu/Istana Tengku Zaharah/some new name I can't remember, to show them about our traditional house. There, after they finished observing with explanation from En Mazlan, we (me, A'ai, Farah, 4th year students, some 2nd year students, and 1st year students) sat down with the Sudanese (40 of them) and have a mini ice breaking session (partly because it's only noon and their bus won't come back until 2.30pm!), among the highlights is San Sit sang a rangkap of Sudanese song (they taught him), and in turn, I (with the most extensive Malay musical base around konon!) taught one of them (Abbas) to sing a song. And he specifically asked for a "Siti Nuuraliza" song! (Wah, popular sampai ke Sudan dah ke Siti ni? Hehe),

He: "Empat Malam?" "Four Nights"?
Me: Hmm... (lagu ape tu ek? Tiga Malam yang duet ngan 2 by 2 zaman Mawarku dulu adela tapi xingat dah)... you mean "Tiga Malam?"
He: Ah, yes yes. Tiga Malam. Three Nights. (wah, pandai cakap Melayu dah)
Me: Oh sorry I don't remember that anymore (tanye Farah ngan A'ai pun xingat gak) OK, I'll teach you another song. This is a simple song. (terbayang Aku Cinta Padamu yang melodi dan sukukatanya mudah)
He: Oh I don't mind if you give me a harder song (amboi, bagi Nirmala kang!). You type the lyrics in the phone (he gave me his Nokia)
Me: OK. (typing Betapa ku cinta padamu. Katakanlah kau cinta padaku. Sematkanlah ku di hatimu. Walau di mana berada ingat ku dalam doamu) then I taught the melody and explain the meaning.

10 mins after that, he sang it. OKla. "I dedicate this song to all the girls here." Motif? Hahaha...

Alhamdulillah I'm glad that we've been able to continue our tradition of going to bazaar and breaking fast at the studio.

(photos will be uploaded later as my laptop couldn't detect Zaid's SD Card)


fara-D said...

man! yesterday sangat super exhausting! balik ke studio after the sudan thing, site model plak. walopon tidak bertarung dgn uhu atau cutter, tp masyaAllah, peperangan memerah otak lagik serabut lah!! melepek aku pas maghrib tu! wuuuu T_T

but then again, sonok gak, if only we could plan games or sort. mcm kt panggung seni dlu!

tradisi berbuka puasa....Alhamdulillah, walopon semacam suram sbb da kurang konco2 kite tp tetap sonok.huuu...miss the old days....

Chika Chika said...

sudan datang lagik?

adian, chrome tu ... aku baca macam2 review. ada yg kata gila best pakai chrome. ada yg kata asyik crash. aku pon tak jadi nak download. tunggu stabil ar. ekeke.

ko pakai okey ke buat masa ni?

Adian said...

hmm aku pakai stakat ni ok, xpenah crash lagik. erk.. bukan chrome lagi anti crash dr firefox ke. kalau firefox tu tiap2 ari kene tekan ctrl+alt+del utk force end program. tp memang excellent la kalau untuk download2 ni. xpela ni baru beta version, nnt dah final version baru ko dload.

fara-D said...

HAH!! aku baru perasan sesuatu!!


thanks for spelling my name correctly, WITH the H!! ^_^

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